Does your online training strategy need a makeover?

The current global pandemic has made online training a necessity for every business and organization.

The focus on upskilling and reskilling employees has accelerated as organizations pivot to new ways of doing business and moved communications, training, and even customer service online. 

Online training solves the logistical challenges of remote employee training. It empowers companies to deliver scalable, consistent training across miles and time zones, in multiple languages, and in a multitude of formats. 

Effective, targeted, engaging online training has never been more vital to the growth of every industry sector. Firms of all sizes and in all fields are accelerating their move to online training, expanding virtual instruction, and adopting new communications and learning technologies. 

Let Neovation Guide Your Journey

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Neovation Learning Solutions is uniquely positioned to help your organization shine. Our deep experience and our end-to-end offerings position us to take you to the next level. 

Whether you seek to implement a traditional learning management system, launch modern gamified microlearning, or simply seek expert advice on the direction your training strategy should take, we can help. 

We can walk you through options and suggest the optimal strategy for your large or small operation, whether you need onboarding or compliance training, are moving your face-to-face instruction into virtual classrooms, or seek to better integrate all the elements of your talent management and development ecosystem.

We’re excited about joining you on your online training journey. And we have the perfect guides.

We want to support, improve, and enhance your training initiatives. Whether you are new to online training or already delivering training online, we would love to talk to you. 

Let Neovation Learning Solutions help you get a deeper understanding of what your organization needs to move your training online or to take your existing online training to the next level.

  • Runs polls
  • Shares slides and the whiteboard
  • Watches the chat box for questions
  • Watches for learners using the “raised hand” icon to signal a question or problem
  • Monitors for technology glitches — remaining alert for any learners reporting problems on their end.
Poor Use with
Adult Learners
Effective with
Adult Learners


Simple games layered on top of content

Scenario-based games that use the content

Leaderboards, competition

Fan excessive competition among employees or teams by offering large prizes for top performers and/or shaming those with lower scores

Challenge employees to beat their own past performance, or design a leaderboard that shows each employee only the four scorers above and below them

Points, rewards, badges

Award points or levels for completing sections of training or playing for a set number of minutes

Award levels, badges or points for recalling or applying content correctly, demonstrating mastery

  • Remember — bookmark, google, link, search
  • Understand — annotate, Boolean search, journal, tweet
  • Apply — chart, display, execute, present, upload
  • Analyze — attribute, deconstruct, illustrate, mash, mind map
  • Evaluate — comment, editorialize, moderate, network, post
  • Create — blog, film, integrate, podcast, program, publish