Fast Company Continues to Lead its Industry Through Online Training

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For Immediate Release: June 2021

The Neovation Learning Solutions Team is thrilled to have been selected by Fast Company as its preferred Enterprise LMS Vendor.  Fast Company’s commitment to authoring unique training courses and documents, and providing learning and reporting portals for their dealers sets them apart from their competition. 

“Fast Company has been working on the development of a robust internal training program for the past four years. As we developed our program, we noticed the lack of quality training within the automotive merchandising industry.”  says Andre Gurule, Fast Company Manager. “Fast Company's goal has always been to help our customers succeed. Our goal with this LMS is to help people understand how their specific job relates to the rest of the process, improve collaboration, and cultivate stronger teams. In order to accomplish these goals, we needed a more robust LMS platform. After careful research, we decided to work with Neovation.” 

This partnership will give Fast Company the capability to quickly author and distribute course materials to dealerships — a critical function previous training solutions were not able to deliver.  

“We’re thrilled to welcome Fast Company as a Neovation client, and to support them in achieving their goals,” says Dan Belhassen, President of Neovation.  “We continue to see how online training can improve performance, morale and ultimately, those important KPI’s that our clients care about.  We look forward to a long and productive partnership with Fast Company.” 

About Fast Company

Fast Company is a digital marketing company, specializing in automotive industry solutions. Fast delivers quality services and customer support that enables dealerships to better accomplish their goals. Their core value as an organization is providing the best possible customer service, enabling dealerships to focus on selling vehicles.

About Neovation

Neovation Learning Solutions is an award-winning eLearning company that is obsessed with unleashing human potential and increasing organizational intelligence. In addition to its gamified microlearning platform, OttoLearn, Neovation offers a LMS (SmarterU) and in-house course development services (Flare Learning) to hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of their learners around the world. 

  • Runs polls
  • Shares slides and the whiteboard
  • Watches the chat box for questions
  • Watches for learners using the “raised hand” icon to signal a question or problem
  • Monitors for technology glitches — remaining alert for any learners reporting problems on their end.
Poor Use with
Adult Learners
Effective with
Adult Learners


Simple games layered on top of content

Scenario-based games that use the content

Leaderboards, competition

Fan excessive competition among employees or teams by offering large prizes for top performers and/or shaming those with lower scores

Challenge employees to beat their own past performance, or design a leaderboard that shows each employee only the four scorers above and below them

Points, rewards, badges

Award points or levels for completing sections of training or playing for a set number of minutes

Award levels, badges or points for recalling or applying content correctly, demonstrating mastery

  • Remember — bookmark, google, link, search
  • Understand — annotate, Boolean search, journal, tweet
  • Apply — chart, display, execute, present, upload
  • Analyze — attribute, deconstruct, illustrate, mash, mind map
  • Evaluate — comment, editorialize, moderate, network, post
  • Create — blog, film, integrate, podcast, program, publish

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Josh Ricketts, VP



Dan Belhassen, President

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