Hidden Gems:
Enriching Your Neovation Experience

You may know Neovation as the company behind SmarterU, OttoLearn, and Flare Learning, but we offer our clients so much more! Let us show you all that we can do to help you maximize your current or future investment in Neovation-powered online training.

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Add An Expert To Your Team!

As the song says, we get by with a little help from our friends.

Our Managed Services Team can be your best friend, stepping up to help your LMS admin team or taking on your LMS administration to help you achieve your training objectives affordably.

Attend this one-hour session to find out what we can do for you!

Join us at 12 noon CST on Thursday, March 23, 2023!

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Add a SmarterU expert to your team!

Join us to find out why engaging Neovation Managed Services can be the best addition you make to your training team this year, and learn how we can make a difference for both your Admins and your learners.

In this webinar, we will:

Explain what our Managed Services Team offers
Introduce you to the Managed Services Team and what they can do for you
Give you three primary reasons why you should lean on us as your partners-in-training management
Describe exactly how we can help you — saving you time, reducing stress, and delivering results
Regale you with tales of projects past — the proof is in the results
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Meet our knowledgeable Neovite!

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Presented by

Alli Chernoff
Leader, Admin Services Group, Client Success Team
Always up for a challenge, Alli helps to leverage our systems’ strengths to meet and exceed our clients’ training goals. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a positive attitude, she loves to guide and coach clients through their training challenges from planning to reporting and all of the bits in between.
Let us show you how we can share the workload!
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About the Hidden Gems Webinar Series

Hosted by Neovation’s Success Team, our one-hour webinars explore many of the lesser-known product features, client  services, and the additional value added by deepening your understanding and your engagement with Neovation. 

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About Neovation Learning Solutions

Neovation Learning Solutions:

  • Is an award-winning eLearning company with hundreds of clients around the world 

  • Provides hundreds of thousands of our client’s learners with engaging training through our LMS platform, microlearning, and custom course designs.

  • Has one of the most responsive Success Desks for client support in the eLearning industry.

  • Wants to be your ongoing partner to deliver additional value to every aspect of your online training ecosystem.