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Compliance Training

From safety drills to harassment-prevention training, and from certifications to continuing education requirements, learners in many professions take regular compliance training. We will create the optimal solution to ensure not only completed training but improved performance.

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Learners avoid doing boring or irrelevant annual compliance training. They don’t retain much of it either. Our compliance training solutions are different!

Deploy compliance training that works. Try a continuous learning solution with OttoLearn Microlearning. Or pair engaging, interactive eLearning with a microlearning knowledge-retention campaign. Solve performance problems, improve training outcomes — and exceed your business goals.

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Annual compliance courses might cover everything learners need to know, but they don’t build retention.

Our OttoLearn microlearning platform automatically delivers content to learners at an interval you determine. That content varies based on what learners need to know and how well they know it. For important information that they haven’t mastered, OttoLearn’s algorithms ensure frequent review. Once learners are proficient, they see content just often enough to ensure long-term knowledge retention.

Too often, compliance training modules attempt to be all things to all learners. They cover every aspect of a topic — and deliver the same content to everyone. This almost guarantees that learners will skip through it as fast as possible — and miss the new material they really need to know.

Make your content relevant and engaging by delivering only the content each learner needs. Our adaptive delivery ensures that learners who know the material are not required to spend time “learning” it — while less knowledgeable learners get all the time they need to master it.

That’s a problem. Often, learning platforms will show you who has completed a training course, how much time they spent, and their score on the final quiz. But not whether they’ve learned or remember the content. 

Our training platforms include built-in tools to gather meaningful learner data and help you analyze and visualize that data. You can see learners’ improvement in mastery and measure their growing knowledge.

A one-off training course with a final exam might meet compliance requirements, but to truly change behavior and improve your results, you need more. 

Add an OttoLearn continuous microlearning component to your compliance training plan, and you will see fewer safety incidents, better on-the-job performance, and more skilled employees. OttoLearn ensures that learners are exposed to all content multiple times, using spaced repetition. They practice applying their training until their mastery improves. Continuous learning leads to continuous performance improvements. 

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Annual Compliance Training

Whether required by regulators or undertaken to improve learners’ knowledge and performance, compliance training is an important way to standardize knowledge and practice.

Our team has broad expertise in creating compliance training that meets our clients’ needs. Whether you want a single annual eLearning course, a reference guide, or a complex simulation or learning game, our instructional design and development teams are ready to engage your learners. Choose video content, animations, infographics and more to extend or replace text-based training. We’ll add activities and knowledge checks so learners can practice applying what they’ve learned before using it on the job. Compliance training can fill knowledge gaps, keep skills and knowledge current, and improve your organization’s safety record and customer service. 

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Continuous Compliance Training

Many organizations move to a continuous compliance training approach when they realize the benefits of building long-term knowledge retention and driving lasting behavior change.

The annual compliance training model is deeply ingrained. Make your annual training more effective by extending the learning and review beyond the annual training period. 

A continuous learning approach uses microlearning to provide spaced repetition of essential content. This is the ideal way to ensure that employees remember and use key concepts from their compliance training. 

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