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Improve Learner Engagement

Engaged learners spend more time with online training content, understand it better, remember it longer, and are able to apply it to improving their work performance.

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The biggest killers of learner engagement are dull or irrelevant online training and being required to “train” on something they already know. 

Busy employees will engage with relevant content, but they resist wasting precious time on content that they don’t need to study. Our instructional design team drives learner engagement by making sure that content is relevant and useful. They create meaningful activities that extend learning and build retention.

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Our OttoLearn Agile Microlearning platform is an ideal solution for busy learners.

The 2-minute daily training sessions fit easily into their workdays. Mobile-first microlearning is available on demand, wherever and whenever learners have a moment to engage.

We create engaging microlearning and eLearning content that includes activities, graphics, and multimedia content that relates to the training material.

By extending learning, presenting content in multiple ways, or targeting learners with different learning preferences, our content designs are engaging and effective. But we don’t tax learners’ brains and add unnecessary cognitive load by filling content with decorative graphics and animations, or make learners jump through silly hoops to access their training.

Attempting to be efficient, many companies create comprehensive training. But covering all aspects of a topic ends up being inefficient.

Beginning learners might need the deep content, but they probably need to absorb it over more than one training class. And advanced learners resent being pushed to cover content they already know. Our content creation team excels at creating knowledge maps that trace the relationships between content segments and topics — and turning them into flexible content. Letting learners easily access the content they need, in manageable units, boosts engagement and learning.

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Front-line training

Reaching front-line workers can be hard. On-demand, mobile-first microlearning is an ideal way to deliver the training they need in a way that works for them.

Microlearning offers:

On-demand access to content
Training on mobile devices, anywhere
Short, focused training
Quick updates and content creation for current, relevant training
Searchable quick-reference content
Fun engaging features that encourage learners to train more often and for longer

Mobile learning

Not all workers are able to sit in an office and engage with long training courses. Mobile training brings a variety of flexible options to the table.

Mobile training includes:
Short, targeted microlearning
Video and audio content
Short eLearning courses accessible from your LMS’s mobile app
Flashcard apps
Chat-based eLearning

Exploring mobile delivery for online training expands learning — and engagement — opportunities. 

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Done right, gamification can dramatically improve learners’ motivation and boost engagement.

Game elements that appeal to learners intrinsic motivation to contribute, be part of a team, improve their abilities and performance, and to excel include:

Letting learners know how they’re doing with formative feedback, delivered with every meaningful interaction
Showing them what they’ve accomplished and how far they have to go to meet their goals
Progressively harder challenges that hone their skills and provide knowledge they can use on the job
Devices like badges or levels that recognize growing content mastery and improved skills in a tangible way

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