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Improve Training Performance

Getting learners to do their training is just the start. We can help you get better training outcomes and show measurable improvement in performance.

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Show the impact of your online training program with meaningful analytics, clear visualizations, and a demonstrable connection between learning goals and KPIs.

Our strategic analysis of your training needs and your learning and business goals will show what metrics you need to measure — and how to drive improvement. We’ll then build a comprehensive solution that will improve training performance.

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From your branding to your selection of KPIs to track, we’ll help you design custom business intelligence dashboards and reports.

With up-to-the-minute data at your fingertips and in easy to create, accessible reports and charts, you can see the impact of your online training — and share it with the C-suite.

We’ll analyze your online training program and optimize your collection of learner analytics and data.

You will be able to collect and use metrics that show actual progress — knowledge lift, closing skills and knowledge gaps, and improved retention. What’s more, we’ll tie training outcomes to KPIs to show the business value of your eLearning investment.

The days of marching all learners through the same content are over — and not missed by learners.

Rather than waste their time on redundant or irrelevant content, use adaptive delivery to ensure that each learner gets the content that is most relevant to them. They’ll get different content in each training session, based on their personalized learning goals and their performance in past training sessions. Focusing on the content where they need to improve makes their investment in training time effective and efficient — and boosts your outcomes.

Higher engagement improves outcomes with measurable impact on KPIs

Ensure that your online training program is aligned with your business needs. We’ll show you how more engaging, more effective training will lead to improved training outcomes — which will deliver measurable improvement in the KPIs that drive your business success. Let us create a strategic training plan designed to improve those metrics.

Most learning and development teams are measured based on whether they deliver the training that’s needed or keep their online training development projects within the desired timeframes and budgets. 

But you need more — you need to know how effective your training is, whether it is changing behavior, and how it impacts the bottom line.

We can help:

Built-in analytics tools gather the metrics that measure real progress and impact
Training audits identify what is working and what needs revision

Our emphasis on outcomes will help you identify performance and business outcomes and tie them directly to training efforts. 

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In a comprehensive training audit, we will identify areas of “friction” — aspects of your training that reduce engagement or effectiveness. It might be the design, a technical or accessibility issue, or a problem with the way material is presented. We’ll then coach you on revising your training to reduce friction and drive engagement and results.

Adaptive training

Adaptive delivery ensures that each learner focuses on the content that will eliminate their knowledge gaps and move them closer to their personalized learning goals.

Every learner is different, so putting them all through the same training is inefficient and ineffective. Rather than waste learners’ time on redundant or irrelevant content, use adaptive delivery to ensure that each learner gets the content they need. Adaptive training is always relevant and therefore it’s engaging. Learners will get practice in their weak areas and periodic review of essential content they know more thoroughly. Eliminate knowledge gaps and improve training outcomes with adaptive training.

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Analytics (PowerBI)

Our microlearning platform is integrated with Power BI to provide instant information on training effectiveness. The Power BI integration makes it easy to dig into data that seem to show a cause-and-effect relationship between training and business outcomes and uncover whether the changes really are the result of training. Using data to determine what factors influence performance metrics provides the information you need to improve your training effectiveness and outcomes.

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