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Strategic Planning

Too often, training is created piecemeal, to answer a single question or need. Instead, plan a comprehensive training approach that meets bigger-picture goals.

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Strategically planned learning and development includes training — and a whole lot more.

A library of online training content is just a small piece of a comprehensive — and strategic — knowledge management plan. We take a big-picture approach to analyzing what you have — and what you need. We’ll then create a comprehensive knowledge management strategy with your goals in mind.

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Rather than creating each unit of training as an end to itself, we’ll take a strategic approach. We’ll analyze your needs — organization-wide — and design a training plan that will move your entire learner population toward the big-picture goals. 

Let us guide the planning and implementation of an integrated eLearning ecosystem. We’ll ensure that your eLearning, microlearning, virtual training, face-to-face training — and even materials learners use for collaborative or self-directed learning — all fit together and serve the overarching goal of strategic knowledge management. 

Before we can create your strategic online training plan, we need to know where knowledge resides in your organization.

We’ll do a full audit of existing training materials and talk with SMEs to uncover who knows what within your organization. We’ll then create a plan for capturing knowledge and ensuring that it is accessible to all employees who need it.

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Smart Company Audit

Our smart audit takes a comprehensive approach to analyzing your existing training, talent management, and knowledge management tools. We then recommend a holistic approach to training and  knowledge management strategy that focuses on your business goals.

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eLearning Ecosystem Design

Each unit of training is a small block in a vast ecosystem. We’ll ensure that the training blocks form a coherent talent development strategy that will keep your employees’ skills relevant and up-to-date. Beyond that, we’ll help you design and create an eLearning ecosystem that integrates all the elements of your talent management system to keep records up-to-date, skills sharp, and employees engaged with a continuous learning culture.

Integrations & Automation

For your eLearning ecosystem to propel your organization forward, smooth integration of all components is a must.

Neovation Learning Solutions is the ideal choice for your strategic planning and eLearning ecosystem implementation because we are integration experts. Our LMS and microlearning platforms integrate to offer a full range of online training options. And our integrations with virtual and collaborative learning platforms, HRIS systems, learning record stores, talent management systems, eCommerce platforms and more mean your entire ecosystem will function as a unified whole.

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