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OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning

Award-winning OttoLearn redefines microlearning using gamification features you won’t find elsewhere.

With its gamified, agile approach, OttoLearn eliminates knowledge gaps and builds long-term knowledge retention. OttoLearn delivers engaging, relevant content in short bursts, improving training outcomes and enhancing employee performance.

Drive learner engagement through the roof with always-relevant gamified microlearning

Learners often avoid doing their training. Or skip through it as fast as they can. Either way, it’s not effective. They’re not learning or retaining the content. But not with OttoLearn.

OttoLearn gamified microlearning changes all of that.

OttoLearn is agile. That means it delivers continuous learning in short, narrowly-focused, mobile-friendly chunks of content.
OttoLearn is adaptive, which means that each learner receives a unique mix of content targeted to their learning goals and existing knowledge.
OttoLearn uses gamification principles that leverage intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to vastly improve the learner experience.

OttoLearn leaderboardOttoLearn Knowledge Card

OttoLearn streamlines online training design, development, and deployment. And eliminates enrollment headaches while easing learning management. 

Creating conventional training modules takes months! With OttoLearn, you start by creating a knowledge map of your training content. Knowledge maps clarify the hierarchy and relationships between content topics and concepts. 

Each item on the knowledge map becomes an OttoLearn Knowledge Card, presenting a single idea or concept. Or it becomes a group of Activities, challenging learners to recall or apply what they’ve learned in a variety of ways.

Creating, adding, and updating these short, focused content nuggets is easy with OttoLearn’s Content Studio.

Best of all, OttoLearn’s continuous subscription-delivery model means that the headache of enrolling and managing learners disappears. Training admins set up automated reminders and Otto takes care of the rest.


Adaptive training is extraordinarily effective at identifying and eliminating knowledge gaps while engaging learners and deepening knowledge. That’s because it doesn’t serve all learners the same content. 

OttoLearn personalizes and adapts the content delivered to each individual learner based on the learner’s:

Learning goals
Job role
Prior knowledge
Performance on earlier content and activities

OttoLearn’s adaptive algorithms dynamically change the content mix a learner gets based on their responses to each question. No two learning sessions are alike — and every learner gets exactly the content they need. Challenging learners with relevant content engages them. Engaged learners learn more, remember longer, and perform better.

Checking off each learner who has completed annual compliance training gives you no information about how much each has learned — or what they’ll remember in a day, a week, or a month. 

OttoLearn’s continuous learning paradigm means that learners get re-exposed to content over and over again throughout the year. This approach, called spaced repetition, is proven to build long-term knowledge retention. OttoLearn does more than just deliver training; it builds mastery, deepens understanding, and ensures retention. That’s what learning is all about!

Integrate learning with doing. OttoLearn extends learning by bringing on-demand content into the workflow.

In addition to teaching and drilling learners on essential content, OttoLearn offers mobile-friendly on-demand performance support that provides quick reference, answers to questions, and review of key concepts and processes — all without disrupting the workflow.

If you don’t provide the performance support, learners will search the internet. They might find valuable content … or they might waste valuable time on inaccurate or outdated material. With OttoLearn, learners can instantly find the information they need using a source you know is accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with your business needs, goals, and values. 

Learning and development professionals often struggle to demonstrate ROI — prove the value and effectiveness of their training products.

No more! OttoLearn gathers data and makes it easy to correlate that date with your KPIs and create clear visualizations.

Built-in analytics and data visualization tools include panels for:

Mastery & Engagement Overview
Learner Engagement
Assignment Engagement
Knowledge Gaps & Lifts
Knowledge Card Views 

OttoLearn uses game elements and gamification to drive motivation

The quickest route to improved training outcomes is improved training engagement.  Increasingly, eLearning designers and developers are turning to gamification — adding game elements to online training content — to accomplish that engagement boost. If gamification is done right, that’s a great approach. OttoLearn is very serious about meaningful gamification.

Happy young man in a straw hat and white shirt holding a mobile phone.

Each learner is motivated by different things. That makes creating online training that appeals to and engages all learners challenging, to say the least!

Some game elements, though, have near-universal appeal. These include:

Presenting content as a narrative is far more likely to grab and hold learners’ attention than presenting lists of facts and screens full of dry text. Create characters learners can relate to and tell stories that include scenarios learners might face on the job and you’ll have engaged learners who will remember and apply the training content. 

Letting learners see their progress

Providing formative feedback and showing learners when they gain or lose a mastery level shows them, at every step along their learning journey, how they are doing and what they have left to master.  

Offering meaningful challenges and goals

OttoLearn’s adaptive algorithms deliver relevant content to each learner that pushes the learner to the edge of their knowledge, challenging them to dig deep and remember, apply, and grow. 

Using game elements effectively to tap into learners’ intrinsic curiosity, desire to grow, and need to do well and be recognized for their progress fuels their motivation and improves their performance.

Step into the future of online training

Our gamified microlearning platform improves engagement and knowledge retention — as a stand-alone solution, supplementing your existing LMS, or as part of your eLearning ecosystem.

Gamified microlearning is built on a foundation of cognitive science and adult learning principles

OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning rests on four pillars: small, focused content units; adaptive, personalized content; continuous training delivery; and gamification that naturally boosts engagement with training materials.

OttoLearn Activity information on progress toward MasteryOttoLearn Activity feedback

OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning is extremely effective because it uses its solid foundation to deliver relevant, engaging training that learners use, enjoy, and retain.

The benefits of short, focused, gamified content serve learners, managers, and content developers — as well as training administrators. 

It’s easy to create and update each short training snippet, so training admins can ensure that content is always current and accurate.
Short OttoLearn “Mastery Moments” fit easily into any learner’s workday without disrupting workflow. Whether they train during a break, on their commute, or as part of their regular workday routine, learners easily fit their training into their busy schedules.
Each content unit focuses on a single idea or concept, helping learners to understand and remember the information and avoiding the information overload common in longer-form eLearning courses.
Delivered through mobile-friendly apps, OttoLearn pushes learners with built-in gamification boosting motivation to continually come back and practice the training materials.

Adaptive, personalized content is always relevant to the learner.

Learners hate being required to cover content they already know or, even worse, content that does not apply to their job.

Adaptive OttoLearn targets content to each learner based on their job role, their personalized learning goals, and their performance throughout training. 

This targeting uncovers — and eliminates — each learner’s knowledge gaps, without frustrating them by delivering content they already know.

Continuous learning, accomplished using OttoLearn’s subscription delivery approach works:

Multiple exposures to content over time provides the spaced repetition of content that is proven to build knowledge retention. 
Daily short sessions offer learners opportunities to practice recalling and applying information in different ways, solidifying retention and understanding.

Flexible, agile, gamified OttoLearn is the ideal solution to your training challenges

Reach learners wherever they are, with flexible, mobile-first, on-demand training content that has gamification built-in.

OttoLearn is quick to deploy and easily fits the needs of mobile workers, sales professionals, workers who need to quickly access information — any busy learner, anywhere!

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This innovative platform for eLearning is  impressive. It’s a whole new way of gaining knowledge in a fun, engaging and  time-sensitive fashion.

Mariette M.

WTC Winnipeg

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