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Taking Our Own Medicine

Neovites Engage with Continuous In-House Training

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Fast Facts


Neovation Learning Solutions, a software company with dozens of fully remote employees

Training Challenge

Onboard & support remote employees; ensure adherence to company policies; promote open communication


Combination of onboarding and retention training using OttoLearn, videos, and SmarterU modules

Neovation supports fully remote teams

Neovation Learning Solutions, a Winnipeg-based software company, employs more than 60 individuals, called “Neovites.” Employees work in divisions focused on research and development, marketing and business development, content production, and client success.

Geographically dispersed throughout North America, many Neovites are fully remote employees. Others transitioned to remote work during the COVID-19 crisis.

Neovites engage every day in training using our own platforms. This is a key driver of their success — whether they are in the office or remote — and enables our teams to collaborate, innovate, and thrive.

Dan Belhassen

Onboarding and supporting remote teams poses logistical challenges

Starting a new job can be overwhelming. In addition to learning new daily tasks and responsibilities, there’s getting used to a new company’s culture and ways of doing things. And all those new colleagues to meet and names to remember!

This is doubly hard for employees who work remotely and may rarely meet teammates and colleagues in person.

Training and communication don’t stop with new hire onboarding, of course: All employees need the latest information on cybersecurity, easy access to company policies and procedures, and continuous compliance training. Distributed teams need a way to stay connected and to keep up with team-specific information, policies, and best practices. Finally, Neovation wanted to provide channels for employees to offer feedback on policies, processes, and training content.

OttoLearn learner-side showing how many gaps in path to masteryOttoLearn learner-side home screen

Neovites train with the best platforms: Their own!

As the creator of eLearning solutions, including the OttoLearn Agile Microlearning platform, Neovation prides itself on “taking its own medicine.”

All new Neovites learn corporate guidelines, office policies, and security processes using OttoLearn training. Passionate about “everboarding” — continuous training — as well as long-term retention, Neovation’s founder and CEO, Dan Belhassen, ensures that all employees participate in an  ongoing microlearning retention campaign.

Onboarding training spans all three Neovation divisions

Some initial training is conducted using eLearning modules developed in-house by the content production team and delivered through the SmarterU LMS. Additional onboarding content, delivered through the OttoLearn platform, includes modules on cybersecurity and office policies, covering everything from creating a secure password to how to run the dishwasher to fun facts and info about team members. The training:

Builds and reinforces a common understanding of the company’s culture and work practices
Presents and drills learners on data security & privacy policies
Communicates a consistent social media policy
Connects remote employees with teammates at the Winnipeg office and colleagues around North America
Includes role-specific training, such as content development best practices
Illustration of two figures looking over a large monitor of data.

Benefits of continuous learning

Implementing continuous drip-delivered microlearning with OttoLearn:

Builds mastery in essential topics
Ensures that employees review key information for a few minutes
Delivers new and updated content immediately, keeping all learners current on cybersecurity threats
Provides a mechanism for learners to send feedback on training content

Our emphasis on outcomes will help you identify performance and business outcomes and tie them directly to training efforts. 

Build your ideal online training ecosystem today!

With gamified microlearning, become the driver of your organization's success and let Neovation show you how to focus your training on your business goals.