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Nissan Australia & OttoLearn Rev Up Auto Dealership Training

Nissan values forward-thinking innovation and excellence — making them a perfect pairing for OttoLearn's gamified microlearning platform technology.

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Fast Facts


Nissan Australia trains thousands of sales personnel, technicians, and corporate team members annually

Training Challenge

Educating dealership franchise owners and employees on company values & vehicle features;  achieving measurable engagement, mastery, and retention


OttoLearn training with more than 700 concepts taught and reinforced with Knowledge Cards and Activities

Nissan Australia focuses on the future

Nissan Australia has been a part of the global Nissan brand since 1972. The Renault-Nissan Alliance, a global automotive group, manufactures and sells more than 60 vehicle models around the world.

Nissan Australia operates a car-parts manufacturing unit as well as over 180 dealerships with thousands of sales personnel and technicians. A leader in electric vehicle production as well as a pioneer in pairing artificial intelligence with vehicle technology, Nissan values forward-thinking innovation and excellence.

This is an amazing tool — we’re getting employees to continually engage in learning to allow that retention. And it allows us to measure where the knowledge gaps are immediately. We can then develop activities to cover any knowledge gaps. It also allows the principals of the dealerships to encourage their employees because now they will have a dashboard that demonstrates to them ‘this person isn’t proficient in the sales techniques’ or ‘isn’t proficient in this particular product.’

Edward Trinh
National Manager for Dealer Training, Nissan Motor Co. (Australia)

Busy employees need to learn & retain details of new models & features

With thousands of potential learners in Australia, Nissan needed a way to ensure that learners in different roles — sales professionals, service professionals, and technicians — mastered and retained content in their specific areas of expertise while also learning corporate values and goals.

Nissan’s groundbreaking smart vehicle technologies improve safety and enhance the driving experience. Technicians need intimate knowledge of how these technologies work. And sales personnel need to understand them in order to effectively convey the excitement of Nissan’s innovations to buyers.

Their conventional training alone was not enough for these busy employees to build long-term retention of essential content. Nissan Australia sought an agile training solution that could be updated quickly as new features emerged and would demonstrably improve learner engagement and retention. It had to work with Nissan’s SABA learning management system and provide mobile-first, on-demand access to short, relevant, and focused content.

Engaging, adaptive OttoLearn keeps pace with learning challenges

Nissan Australia’s emphasis on innovation, transparency, and embracing emerging technologies made mobile-first OttoLearn a natural choice.

OttoLearn agile adaptive microlearning applies proven adult learning and cognitive science principles, including spaced repetition and building mastery using instructional scaffolding.

Key features that enabled OttoLearn to exceed Nissan Australia’s training needs were:

Adaptive training
Nissan sought to deliver training content to each learner based on job role, progress, and mastery. Ed Trinh, the national manager for dealer training at Nissan in Australia, said that Nissan especially liked the adaptive algorithm, which “allows learners to learn in the way that they would in the real world.”
Reporting & tracking
With thousands of learners across multiple departments, Nissan Australia needed an easy way to measure engagement and results. OttoLearn’s built-in measurement and tracking abilities allow managers at all levels to receive customized reports showing learner engagement and progress toward mastery goals.
Multimodal content
Nissan wanted to deliver multimedia content heavy on videos and graphics. The mix of Knowledge Cards and Activities balances information delivery with opportunities for learners to apply their knowledge.
Quick content creation & updates
Automotive content is never static; Nissan needed to be able to update and immediately deploy new content to keep pace with constantly improving features, options packages, and safety technology.
Ease of use
Otto’s mobile-first, intuitive interface and powerful search were strong draws.

In the first month after deployment, OttoLearn has engaged nearly 4,000 Nissan Australia learners in more than 1,200 Activities. Learner numbers and content continue to grow. Otto’s brief, relevant, and immediately useful content is appealing: One staffer achieved mastery in just three days, Trinh said.

We were wowed — and we still are — by the Netflix-style interface. That really is aesthetically pleasing and it’s also intuitive and easy to use. And for us, that’s really important.

Edward Trinh
National Manager for Dealer Training, Nissan Motor Co. (Australia)

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