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SmarterU Takes InMotion Training to the Next Level

Outstanding LMS support and customer service defines our partnership that has seen InMotion enhance and evolve its training program to meet the needs of its growing company.

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Fast Facts


InMotion Entertainment Group connects travelers with their favorite brands of electronics and mobile accessories.

Training Challenge

As a growing company, InMotion turned to SmarterU through to resolve evolving training challenges.


Outstanding support and customer service define a partnership that has seen InMotion expand — and leverage downtime during COVID shutdowns to enhance their training program.

The Client

A leading airport-based electronics retailer, InMotion stores connect travelers with cutting-edge electronics and accessories, such as noise-canceling headphones and portable power. Leisure and business travelers alike can find the technology they need to make their travel more enjoyable.

InMotion carries innovative travel gear as well, such as roller bags, backpacks, and laptop bags for the entire family, providing a one-stop shop for savvy travelers.

We were inexperienced with how to operate an LMS, but we knew we needed to take the next step with the growth of our training department. From the very beginning, we were treated with respect, encouragement, and a whole lot of help.

Anthony Sitchler
Director of Training, InMotion Entertainment

The Challenge

A successful airport-based retailer, InMotion lacked online training expertise. As the company rapidly expanded to more than 120 stores, they knew they needed to “take the next step” and implement a professional training strategy, which they did by adopting a SmarterU LMS and using Neovation’s course builder to create eLearning courses. The SmarterU support team assisted them with an initial user sync — and they were off.

Then, a challenge: COVID-19 forced the temporary closure of all of InMotion’s stores and mass staff furloughs. Turning lemons into lemonade, InMotion sought to “maximize this downtime to further enhance how we were using SmarterU,” according to the company’s director of training, Anthony Sitchler.

The company takes an active role in its training development, leveraging training in how to maximize the capabilities of their SmarterU LMS (learning management system).

The Solution

The SmarterU team built a true partnership with the InMotion training team, offering encouragement and guidance as InMotion team members grew in their experience and knowledge:

The SmarterU Academy certification program accelerated InMotions’s learning maturity, enabling them to become proficient at utilizing the robust capabilities of SmarterU.
Additional SmarterU services, such as a customized user synchronization, fueled the training program’s growth and development.
During mass staff furloughs due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the SmarterU team “went out of their way to ensure we were being taken care of and collaborated with us to maximize this downtime to further enhance how we were using SmarterU,” Sitchler said.
The SmarterU team designed customizable learner views to allow InMotion to offer different learner experiences for each separate group of users.
InMotion worked with the technical account manager to analyze and adapt customized user synchronizations to a new organization structure, an increase in user count, and the integration with a new internal payroll system.

The key difference in our minds is the teamwork and partnership we have with SmarterU … We recommend SmarterU and Neovation to anyone wanting to have an LMS provided by a company that respects you and treats you as family and not a customer.

Anthony Sitchler
Director of Training, InMotion Entertainment

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