SmarterU 3.0: The Neovation Knowledge Suite – the next evolution of SmarterU LMS!

Attend on Tuesday, April 23 at 12 noon CST

Join us for our first IN-APP GUIDED TOUR, where we take you through the Knowledge Suite core features that we are building for our product release in 2025!

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Your VIP tour is hosted by
Chris Wood
Leader, Client Success
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Join Chris Wood for the product walkthrough of the Knowledge Suite, where we'll show you:
Why the Knowledge Suite? (a brief recap)
Exploring actual use cases for:
  • Certifications
  • Learning Paths
  • FlexDocs
Product walkthrough navigating the system to showcase the main features we’re including in its release
Q&A – we value your feedback!
Attend your VIP In-App Guided Tour of the Knowledge Suite at our webinars @ 12 noon CST on Tuesday, April 23!

SmarterU 3.0 – Knowledge Suite Guided Tour

Join Chris at 12 noon CST on Tuesday, April 23!

As part of your VIP guided tour, you will be among the first to see what we have built. We’ve based our new functionality on your suggestions and recommendations, so join us to see some of the major components of the Knowledge Suite in action, with much more to come.

Your VIP guided tour is “by invitation only” and will not be recorded. You must pre-register and attend in person to see where Knowledge Suite will go by 2025!

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Cheerful man with short ginger hair and beard, in a bright blue sweater
Our Knowledgeable Neovite
Chris Wood
Leader, Client Success

Chris Wood passionately inspires his team to solve client issues, provide consistent responses and quick resolution to support requests, and maintain Neovation’s high service standards. Chris looks for the “question behind the question” to ensure that his team members are getting to the root of the client’s concern, going beyond answering “how do you do this thing” and uncovering the reason the question is being asked. Chris and his team are relentless in seeking to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

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