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Your online training system collects lots of valuable learner data. We can help you find — and act on — the actionable insights hidden in that data.

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Are you getting a return from your training? How can you tell? Why should you care about your training ROI?

Discover how to create engaging training to help your high-performing teams, build a visible culture of learning, and showcase your efforts using easy-to-understand data visualization and custom dashboards. We align your eLearning program with your business goals while creating training that learners love, producing features that training administrators appreciate, and enabling effective positive change your C-Suite team sees value from.

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A data-informed training strategy shows the improvements in performance and outcomes that result from effective online training. 

Your data-informed training strategy starts with identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) that your organization wants to track and improve. The next step is creating effective training and knowledge retention solutions to move those KPIs forward. 

Finally, you use training analytics to understand what is happening and why — how training is improving KPIs, changing employee behavior, and boosting your bottom line.

It’s not enough to gather data on learner engagement and progress. You need to see what is happening, identify trends, know which training is working and which areas still have knowledge gaps. 

Your online training platform should include dashboards and data visualization tools that make it easy to gather, analyze — and understand — your online training data.

Even better — look for a system that makes it easy to correlate your training achievements with your business results. That’s the way to show a true ROI from your training investment!

Want to learn more about how our training solutions help with training analytics and ROI analysis? We share our insights in our success stories!

Training ROI analysis

Do you struggle to show the value of your training? Our ROI analysis can help.

We start by examining  your training and gaining an understanding of your business goals. We will then plan a strategy to identify and track measurable metrics to determine the ROI of your training.

This means measuring changes in employee behaviors like:

Engagement with and retention of training
Reductions in the number of errors or accidents
Increases in productivity
Improvements in customer satisfaction scores
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Other ways that training can affect your bottom line include reduced employee churn, the greater efficiency that comes when your employees are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and reduction in costs due to downtime, errors, or injuries.

In examining the ROI of your training, we factor in these elements — and guide you to a plan for improving the numbers that matter to your long-term growth and success.

Training analytics & insights

You can improve what you measure, but you need to measure the right things if you hope to improve your training outcomes.

Our eLearning strategy experts will teach you to identify the metrics that matter for your business goals.

These are key performance indicators that drive your business goals, whether improving safety compliance, boosting call-center effectiveness, or increasing sales.

Tracking the right business training metrics as well as training progress enables you to correlate training with performance. This will show you whether your training is working and where you might need additional online training.

And we can help you with that too!

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Custom training dashboards & reports

To identify and act on the stories your training data tells, you need to understand the data.

Data visualizations — charts, graphs, and reports — tell a story with data. You don’t need a degree in statistics to pull those stories out of your data, though.
Custom dashboards built into your LMS or an integrated BI — business intelligence — tool can help.
Set up custom reports to pull the training analytics you need and transform them into clear, actionable pie charts, bar graphs, and more.
With the data relationships clear, stakeholders in your organization can easily see the risks, rewards, and benefits of your online training strategy.

KPI training data correlation

A data-driven online training strategy relies on collecting the right data — and understanding the stories it tells. That means identifying the relationships between your online training data and your KPIs — the data on key business metrics.

Your organization tracks essential metrics, whether sales data, customer satisfaction, or health and safety incidents. Your online training platform tracks learners’ progress and performance.

Glean powerful insights by correlating these data sets. You can determine what employee behaviors impact your KPIs, and identify areas where your employees need more training. You can then design training that is geared toward aligning behaviors with best practices.

As your targeted training changes behaviors in ways that improve specific — essential — business indicators, your data visualizations will tell the story of your training triumphs.

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Power BI screenshot.Power BI screenshot.

We recommend Microsoft PowerBI

Microsoft PowerBI is a powerful tool that a single user, workgroup, or entire organization can use to implement a data-driven online training strategy.

Offering the ability to gather data, create custom dashboards and reports, and easily design clear data visualizations, Microsoft PowerBI is an essential tool in identifying the ROI of your online training. 

Let us guide you through implementation and training on Microsoft PowerBI to ensure that you maximize this important tool.

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