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At Neovation, we’re obsessed with unleashing human potential and increasing organizational intelligence.

We deliver world-class training platforms and build beautiful training experiences. We help organizations deliver better, more effective training to their employees, volunteers, and members.

We’re on our way to becoming North America’s leading full spectrum L&D company, helping millions of people onboard better, upskill sooner, and get promoted faster.

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Our Culture

At Neovation, we understand that our culture is created by our day-to-day experiences with each other.

We strive to create a supportive, adaptive, fast-paced, and driven environment with a focus on delighting clients, promoting growth, and having fun.

Our focus is on achieving the end result, not on ego-driven decisions or reactions.

We refuse to become complacent, fighting for our survival each and every day and always looking for ways to improve what we do. We don’t expect success — we push ourselves to achieve it.

When working with each other and clients, we look for opportunities to add value and grow our services. Our goal is to become deeply embedded in our clients’ organizations as trusted advisors. We know that we must continue to earn their trust as we work toward internal and external goals.

I’ve worked for small and large companies with all kinds of structures and Neovation stands apart as something special. We have an incredible mix of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences that help us to continually evolve how and what we do.

My career journey at Neovation has allowed me to push myself to try new things, develop my skills, and work with our incredible team towards our common goals while having fun along the way. Every day is an adventure.

Jen - Happy woman with shoulder-length dark hair in a black blouse.

Jen B.

Leader, Custom Learning Team

Our team believes in what we're building and it shows.

We're a fast-growing company with opportunity to expand your role, push boundaries of innovation, and to do work that matters to our clients and each other.

The Globe and Mail 2022 Report on Business Canada's Top Growing Companies Award
2020 Growth List Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies award
Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2020 Canada Companies-to-Watch award

Our Values

At Neovation, our values reflect who we are and guide our decisions.


Privacy & Security
Within the context of security and privacy, we default to transparency whenever possible.
Info & Data
We make information and data available to everyone in the company by default.
Input & Feedback
We seek input and feedback  from the greater team when making key decisions.
Making Decisions
We are open to sharing how and why decisions were made.
Attending QBRs
We attend each Quarterly Business Reviews to receive updates on team and company goals, successes, and challenges.
Sharing Ideas
We share ideas, thoughts, and suggestions with each other.

Continuous Learning

Culture of Learning
We strive for a culture of continuous learning and continuous improvement of our own technical and power skills.
We seek out training and skill-building opportunities.
Learning Opportunities
Whenever possible, we  participate in company-wide learning opportunities, such as monthly Lunch & Learns and quarterly Creative and Training days.

Action, Ambition & Innovation

Uncovering the "Why"
We try to understand the “question behind a question” from clients and colleagues, so that we can find ways to say "Yes!" and help them achieve their goals.
Learning from Mistakes
We understand that a certain level of failure is part of being ambitious and innovative. When it happens, we take responsibility, focus on learning from it, and prevent others from experiencing the same failure.
An Iterative Approach
We understand that we will often be asked to make decisions based on incomplete information, and therefore we often proceed with an iterative approach; we do not wait for the perfect time or perfect draft, we dive in and attack the project head on and with gusto.
We organize the company to have as many leaders as possible, by creating small working groups with defined responsibilities within the larger department structure, to grow our leaders internally.
Accepting Responsibility
We take responsibility for our errors and mistakes.

Non-Discrimination & Accessibility

We are a company that recognizes the value of all employees, including those with a physical, sensory, psychiatric, neurological, cognitive, intellectual, or other disability.
We are an equal-opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital or parental status, veteran status, disability, or political affiliation.
We endeavour to follow inclusive and/or universal design processes.
Prioritizing Equity
We are a company that prioritizes equity, not equality.

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Our Team

We are a group of passionate, diverse, smart, friendly people that support and respect each other, all while working remotely.

We’re available for each other and focus on individual responsibility versus hierarchy.

We work from home in multiple countries, and collaborate with each other through email, chat and video calls.

We bring our “best selves” to work each day, managing our work/life balance to remain accountable to each other during the working week.

We care passionately about our clients and those they train, and that reflects in every aspect of our work — even for those of us who are not client-facing in our roles.

Meet Our Team
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In my 30+ professional career experience, I can honestly say I have never worked anywhere that believes in doing what is right and affording its employees autonomy like Neovation does. Clients are always top of mind, no matter what department you are in. Employees are encouraged to think, learn, speak up and solve problems.

The diversity and respect at Neovation is stellar and makes us strong.  I love the fact that no matter what our client’s needs are, we are willing and able to partner and find strategic and creative solutions. I feel at home here.

Woman with long blond hair wearing glasses and a blue cardigan over a pale beige-pink shirt.

Jodane C.

Director of Strategic Execution Group, Client Success Team

It’s exciting to sell cutting edge, ever-evolving learning technologies and services. The company is growing fast and is a diverse mix of interesting, high performance people. We’ve got big goals and are always looking for positive, hard-working team members to join the team.

Portrait of a cheerful man in a black suit jacket with short brown hair.

Josh F.

Senior Sales Director, Business Development Team

I’ve worked in London and New York, for small companies and large. I’ve never worked with a team that works together towards common goals as well as the team at Neovation. There’s no politics, no jockeying to protect self-interest, just a focus on doing world-class work for our world-class clients.

Portrait of a smiling person in a black suit jacket with short white hair, wearing glasses.

Philip G.

Senior Sales Director, Business Development Team

The Senior Analyst role at Neovation is the dream job that I never knew I wanted. I joined Neovation with the intention of eventually becoming a developer, but after joining the Success Desk Team, I found my calling. Every day is something new, and we’re always learning new skills and finding ways to adapt to ensure we can maintain the level of customer care that we’ve become known for.

Neovation is full of passionate, friendly, knowledgeable, and hard-working people who make up a team that would rival the 1980’s Edmonton Oilers.

Smiling man with short hair and glasses, wearing a green-gray sweater.

Stephen S.

Senior Analyst, Success Desk Team

Been here since 2006, and experienced consistent 99.9% job happiness uptime. I’ve also never worked harder, but that’s because the entire team works together relentlessly to achieve our goals.  I love the continuous opportunities to broaden my skills and deepen my expertise. Hands down the most inclusive, respectful work environment I’ve encountered anywhere in my career.

Smiling woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a dark blazer and glasses.

Susan H.

Director, Lead Management, Business Development Team

Our Benefits

At Neovation, we understand that our culture is created by our day-to-day experiences with each other.
Work from home
Flexible work hours
Competitive remuneration
Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
10 paid flex days per year

Paid vacation
Comprehensive health benefits plan
Employee ownership plan
Professional development opportunities
Weekly team feedback polls
Social and team events
RBC Group Advantage

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