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Compliance & License Management

Meet regulatory standards and keep your team in compliance. Whether for safety, privacy, finance, or healthcare, SmarterU LMS will help you manage your compliance program.

Robust compliance management

SmarterU LMS helps you manage even the most complex regulatory program requirements.

In regulated industries, it’s important to confirm that everyone has met their licensing or compliance requirements and continues to stay in compliance in the future.

For this reason, SmarterU LMS is designed with robust licensing features that help your team meet regulations for even the most complex requirements, anywhere they work.

Two smiling people surrounded by elements of a compliance dashboard.
Manage compliance

Define regulatory requirements and track compliance for all your learners.

Manage licensing

Define and track licensing requirements by agency and region.

Manage certificates

Define branded full- and wallet-sized certificates and automate delivery to your certified learners.


Manage your compliance program with SmarterU LMS

Mitigate risk, reduce non-compliance costs, and protect your organization’s reputation by ensuring your compliance with regulatory requirements.
Smiling woman by a certificate design interface, license upload screen, and certificate status.

Manage your compliance training program

SmarterU LMS is your powerful compliance platform that lets you map to even the most complex requirements.

Create learning plans containing all the online, instructor-led, and external courses and any actions required of your learners, such as uploading verifying identification and having a manager or supervisor validate it.

Specify the re-certification period to have SmarterU LMS automatically enroll learners into the training they need to maintain their certifications and issue warnings when it’s time to re-certify.

Manage your compliance training program with...Manage your compliance training program with...
Leverage both online training and instructor-led sessions in your compliance program.

Mix both online and instructor-led training in your compliance learning plans. Learning plans may also have a combination of required and elective courses.

Man holding a tablet by a screenshot a learning plan.
Configure action items that you need learners to complete and use supervisory workflows to validate them.

With actions, you can allow or require your learners to upload external documents to prove a previous certification, such as a verification certificate. You can also use them to confirm each learner’s demonstrable competency with a task that may include their supervisor’s approval.

A screenshot of a fictitious learning plan’s requirements.
Set compliance renewal periods that automatically prompt learners to complete their training on your chosen schedule.

Configure your refresh periods to automatically prompt your learners to complete required courses and actions to maintain their certification status.

Automatically notify supervisors before certification expiry and if learners do not complete their required training.

Smiling woman next to a safety certification program within the SmarterU interface.

Support your culture of safety and quality

Bring high-quality compliance training to your organization to meet regulatory standards and support your safety and quality assurance culture.

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Flexible, scalable user organization

You have the flexibility to sort your LMS users into sub-accounts, groups, teams, and organizations, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your training program.
Smiling woman next to SmarterU’s Points & Rewards and point tracker windows.

Customize your licensing programs

Define agencies and their licensing requirements by region. Then, track the CEU credits learners earn towards the licenses.

As learners complete courses, they'll earn relevant points to the licenses assigned to them through their learning plan. Once the learner meets the requirements for their license, they will receive a confirmation certificate.

Customize your licensing programs with...Customize your licensing programs with...
Multiple agencies & regions

Specify an unlimited number of licensing agencies and each of their regions.

Each listed agency can have multiple operating regions, and each learner can hold multiple licenses across various regions.

SmarterU completion certificate next to screenshots indicating some of the editable fields.
A Points and Rewards dashboard,  points tracker menu, and a list of earned points.
Track regulatory requirements

Make each license flexible to regional standards.

Establish the specific regulatory requirements for each agency and region in your compliance program, such as the number of annual CEU credits required to maintain licensing.

Points tracker dropdown menu, points tracker information menu, and user list.
CEU credit tracking

SmarterU automatically tracks the CEUs each learner earns towards their license.

When a learner completes a training requirement, SmarterU LMS will automatically increase their CEU credits and add them to the CEU credit requirements for their license.


Distribute compliance and license certificates to your whole team

SmarterU LMS certificates are highly-customizable and printable. Give your learners a license certificate that they can use to prove their compliance or licensing.

Automatically deliver branded licenses to show onsite

Immediately after your learners complete their compliance training, they’ll receive their certificate.

SmarterU will automatically deliver your customized full or wallet-sized PDF license certificates to your learners upon program or course completion. Your team can prove their compliance immediately, wherever they work.

Mock-up of a branded SmarterU login portal and a branded course completion certificate.
Customized Certificates

Customize the appearance of your completion certificates to reflect your brand and your compliance requirements. These certificates can be unique to each course or program or unified across your LMS.

Automatic Delivery

Upon course or program completion, learners will automatically receive a printable full or wallet-sized certificate, including their license ID numbers, letting them return to work immediately.

Expiry Dates

Set an expiry date to schedule automatic re-enrollments into your compliance training program so your team always stays certified.

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Your team will love how easy it is to stay compliant!

We’re confident that we’ll provide an excellent solution to your licensing needs, but don’t just take our word for it. Hear from a few of the organizations that have found success with SmarterU.

SmarterU’s team helped us get live quickly and effectively. A year after going live on the platform, I can confidently say that the SmarterU service is enabling us to deliver on our 2-year education roadmap ahead of schedule!

Mahran M.


“SmarterU is a lot more user-friendly than other LMS’s I had used before. I also appreciate the prompt help I always receive when I have questions. Their support system is awesome!”

Marica C.

“I love SmarterU and the Neovation team. They are always coming up with new ways to make my life easier when it comes to recording and keeping track of more than 700 employees all at different levels of training.”

Caleb B.

“Reliable learning management system and great customer service.”

Marcelo A.
Canadian National Railway