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Content Management

Training content is the backbone of your learning environment. Offer your learners perfectly tailored courses on any topic and include a mix of newly built and premade content.

A flexible LMS for all your eLearning content needs

You have a wide range of learners with various training needs. Provide the ideal content for any situation with SmarterU LMS.

Our integrated course builder lets you easily create perfectly tailored courses with rich media, text-to-speech narration, quizzes, and interactive knowledge checks. You can also keep using the training courses you already love by uploading them to your LMS as SCORM modules or importing them from a course library.

Two smiling people, surrounded by representations of various SmarterU features.
Need to quickly build training courses?

SmarterU comes with a highly-customizable integrated course builder, so you can quickly and easily create online courses.

Need to use your existing content?

SmarterU is fully SCORM, AICC, xAPI(TinCan), and cmi5 compliant. We can also automatically convert your PowerPoint presentations into SCORM courses.

Need custom-built or off-the-shelf courses?

We can supply premade courses from our course libraries or build custom ones for you with help from our Custom Learning team.


Build your ideal course, whatever the topic

SmarterU’s online course builder helps you create interactive, engaging courses unique to your organization.

Rapid, powerful course creation that’s easy on your admins

Anyone at your organization can build courses because SmarterU’s course builder is user-friendly without compromising its power.

If you can use PowerPoint, you’ll feel right at home in our course builder. Create an unlimited number of highly-customized courses tailored to your learners’ needs. Your training content will go beyond expectations once you’ve customized it with rich media, knowledge check activities, quizzes, and exams.

Screenshots and mock-ups of SmarterU’s course builder.
Visual Editor

Create your SmarterU courses with an intuitive, customizable, collaboration-friendly visual editor that reflects what your learners will see when it’s published.

Branded Templates

Use custom course templates with your logo, messaging, and brand colors. From there, your course authors can quickly design uniform content for your LMS.


Mix and match different knowledge check activities within each course to help your learners practice and improve absorption of your training material.

Video Streaming

Embed videos into your content or include video slides. Every video slide is optimized to reduce buffering and provide your learners with a smooth, high-quality stream.

PDF Documents

Upload your PDF training documents to your online courses using SmarterU’s course builder or include them in your knowledge base.

Text-to-speech Narration

Effortlessly add audio narration to your courses by uploading an audio file or using SmarterU’s text-to-speech generator, helping your content meet accessibility standards.

Build custom courses for your organization

With SmarterU's course builder, you can build or update courses with complete freedom. Talk to our learning solutions experts and bring course creation in-house.

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Practice Makes Perfect

(Knowledge Check Activities)

Sprinkle learning activities throughout your training content to give your learners an engaging, enjoyable experience in different formats that helps improve their knowledge retention.
Man smiling in front of a list of SmarterU knowledge check activities.

Harness the power of intentional practice

Build and customize any number of engaging knowledge check activities. You can mix and match any knowledge checks in each course to improve knowledge absorption. All activities provide instant feedback and multiple attempts.

Give them a choice with multiple-choice

In SmarterU’s multiple-choice knowledge checks, your learners may choose one or more correct answers.

Try using multiple-choice style questions for:

  • Product knowledge
  • Safety standards
  • Company policies
  • Practice exams
Vector image of three multiple-choice options, with the first item selected.

Drag-and-drop objects that belong together

Learners can self-test their awareness of which concepts are connected by dragging an object from one column to its appropriate slot on another.

Matching activities are great for:

  • Terminology and vocabulary
  • Matching products to descriptions
  • The correct sequence of a procedure
Vector image that shows a cursor dragging an item to a matching spot.

Fill-in-the-blank to close knowledge gaps

Test your learners’ knowledge by having them select which word or phrase belongs in a provided statement.

You could use fill-in-the-blank style questions for:

  • Standardized customer greetings
  • Practical knowledge application
  • Memorizing quotations or slogans
  • Mathematical equations, formulas, or recipes
Vector image of three lines, with a blank square midway.

Let your learners map it out with labels

SmarterU’s labeling activities provide an image with several hotspots and a word bank. Your learners can drag the appropriate text to the correct hotspots.

Labeling activities can help you assess your learners’ knowledge on:

  • Anatomical diagrams
  • Locations on a map or interface
  • Parts of an object, such as a vehicle or equipment
  • Detecting something that’s out of place in an image
Vector image of a diagram with three spots, each connected to a grey rectangle.

Memorize facts fast with flashcards

Harness the power of one of the quickest and most effective study tools for memorization. If you include multiple cards in a flashcard activity, the order in which they appear can either be sequenced or randomized.

Try using flashcard activities for:

  • Terminology and definitions
  • Identifying images
  • Information that requires quick recall
  • Strengthening recall without clues
Vector image of two rectangles with an arrow between them.

Immerse learners with game show interactivity

Get your learners immersed in their training by having them select an avatar that earns points for correct answers.

The game show is a fun activity that you can use to:

  • Engage your learners in a “Jeopardy!®-style” learning game
  • Mix a variety of question styles into one activity
  • Provide a broad assessment of a learner’s knowledge on a variety of topics
Vector image of five blue squares, similar to a “Jeopardy” board.

Give your learners a knowledge workout

Combine content slides with interactive knowledge checks for the perfect balance of “diet and exercise.” Talk to our learning solutions experts about improving retention with activities.

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Let your learners show you what they’ve learned

Build highly-customizable quizzes or exams and have your learners prove they know the training content.
Two users in the center of a circle that connects four illustrations of mock SmarterU quizzes.

Custom quizzes or exams for your custom courses

Reinforce your lessons’ objectives by testing your learners’ knowledge at any point in your course.

Designing and presenting your quizzes and exams can vary based on the subject, expertise level, or training course. With the SmarterU LMS quiz builder, you’ll have many question options including media, such as images, video, and audio.

Additionally, you are not limited to one quiz per course, and they can appear at any point in your training module.

SmarterU quiz setting options.

Effective quizzes or exams for any training topic

Combine multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, true or false, long answer, and short answer questions to build your ideal quiz or exam.

Randomizer: Questions can appear in random order so that no two learners see the same question simultaneously during an in-person quiz or exam.

Lock answers: You can lock the order of answers in multiple-choice questions, which is great for questions with an “all of the above” option.

Multimedia questions: Questions can include multimedia when applicable, including images, sound clips, video content, and more.

Add narration: SmarterU LMS supports accessibility by providing text narration options for quizzes and exams.

Your learners have learned a lot, let them show it!

Talk to our learning solutions experts to start using your LMS to teach, test, and assess.

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Import packaged content into SmarterU LMS

SmarterU fully supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI (TinCan), AICC, and cmi5 formats. If you have premade courses in these formats, you can easily add them to your LMS.
An open box with a SCORM module, video, and PowerPoint slides popping out.

Universal support for packaged eLearning content

With SmarterU LMS, you can use eLearning content from almost any vendor or created using any authoring tool.

We want you to have complete control over your content. That’s why we made SmarterU SCORM, xAPI, AICC, and cmi5-compliant. This way, you are not locked into a single proprietary method of coding content, can easily add courses from other vendors to your LMS, and give external stakeholders access to your training courses.

Learn about SCORM and our packaged content options...Learn about SCORM and our packaged content options...
Mock PowerPoint slide being turned into a SmarterU course.
Turn your PowerPoint slide decks into eLearning

Convert any PowerPoint presentation into a SCORM course without a SCORM authoring tool.

Fully design PowerPoint slides with your organization’s visual identity. Then, simply convert your slide deck into a branded SCORM course by uploading it to SmarterU’s PPT-to-SCORM converter.

A person looking at her laptop with floating icons representing SCORM types.
Use any SCORM modules in your LMS

SmarterU LMS is compatible with SCORM 1.2 & SCORM 2004.

Quickly and easily import your SCORM course into SmarterU LMS and let learners enjoy your SCORM module with one-click launching and automatic bookmarking.

Illustration of library bookshelf with an arrow pointing to a mock SmarterU interface.
Support any course library with AICC

SmarterU supports AICC. So, you can give your learners access to external courses from within your LMS.

Link external content to SmarterU with AICC, which is the format most often used by leading course libraries.

Man looking at his laptop beside a mobile device with soup cans on its screen.
Support for xAPI (TinCan) and cmi5

SmarterU LMS supports newer eLearning content formats, xAPI and cmi5.

xAPI (TinCan) is a newer publishing format that is sometimes considered the successor to SCORM. Your organization may favor xAPI (TinCan), SmarterU is fully capable of handling it. If your organization favors cmi5, SmarterU supports that too.


Give your training environment some course supplements

SmarterU LMS supports premade courses from course libraries in all standard eLearning formats such as AICC, SCORM, and xAPI.
Computer monitor with bookshelf on screen. Logos on the side: SmarterU Essentials, Skillsoft, OpenSesame, LinkedIn Learning, Go1, and BizLibrary.

Plug ready-made courses into your LMS

Need a content-rich LMS fast? SmarterU supports popular course libraries.

Get your LMS online quickly or complement your existing courses with premade content from a course library. You can license content from our SmarterU Essentials course library, go1, BizLibrary, and many others.

Learn more about eLearning content libraries
SmarterU Essentials

Our SmarterU Essentials course library has over 8,000 professional-quality video-based courses on high-demand topics. Chances are, you’ll find exactly the ones you need.

Filter the library

Filter the course library by topic to narrow your search down to the courses that interest you the most. Then, choose which training courses you would like to provide your learners.

Find what you need

Some course libraries include courses from many different course providers, giving you a breadth of content choices. Our expert consultants will help you find the best course library for your needs.

Automatic updates

Course libraries can automatically update content as necessary. Your learners will always have the latest version without requiring any extra effort from your training administrators.

Schedule a personalized, no-obligation LMS demo!

When you're ready, start the conversation with one of SmarterU's learning solutions experts! We'll help you find the best way forward with training that empowers your employees and achieves your business goals!

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Give your learners the courses they need to succeed!

We’re confident that you can give your learners the ideal training content with SmarterU LMS. Hear from a few of the organizations that have found success with us.

It’s been a great experience working with the SmarterU LMS and Neovation team, as they've been helpful and responsive throughout our eLearning project. They’ve done a wonderful job in providing resolutions that match our needs so that we’re able to achieve the best course possible.

Eunice L.


“I am truly impressed and grateful for the level of service that the SmarterU team provides — so quick to respond to our questions and provide us with solid solutions.”

Rich D.

“It’s a great learning management system that offers insightful and meaningful courses to enhance the quality of employees roles within the organization. Your admin team is fantastic!!”

Luisa P.
CWB National Leasing

“This process has been so easy, and we’re so excited that we’re looking for more money in our budget to get more course work done.”

Jennifer H.
Ottawa Heart Institute

Our built-in course builder is great, and we can host your externally published SCORM modules. This way, you can deliver all of your content to your learners with SmarterU!

Meet resident SCORM expert, SmarterU's Support Group Leader – Chris Wood

Man with a short ginger beard, wearing a blue sweater vest over a button-up shirt.