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User Management

Build a foundation for success with SmarterU's powerful user management features that let you manage and organize users, assign permissions, and track activity.

User management that adapts to your training needs

A flexible LMS is your key to organizational success.

SmarterU comes with highly-flexible user management features that let you bring your teams together and assign special permissions to managers.

A person smiling with arms crossed, surrounded by parts of his user profile.

Your LMS is for everyone

Your learners could be a combination of employees, volunteers, students, and external stakeholders. SmarterU supports all their learning needs by providing flexible learner management.
Smiling woman next to a mock-up of her user profile dashboard in SmarterU.

Learner management that scales as your organization grows

Whether you have ten or ten thousand learners, SmarterU LMS can help you manage them.

If your environment has thousands of learners, it can be challenging to keep track of them all. SmarterU LMS can automatically register, provision, and enroll your learners.

From there, you can assign user permissions to trusted users to lend a hand with the management and supervision of all of your learners.

Learn more: Adding users
Quick user add

With SmarterU LMS, you can rapidly add individual learners to your account and set general defaults that apply to all new users.

Mass import

Upload your learner records with their associated data in various file formats and let SmarterU automatically create their user profiles.

Manage waiting lists

Optimize your instructor-led sessions by manually moving learners from a waiting list into sessions with available space.

Track learner activity

View any learner’s progress towards course completion, certificate status, and the amount of time they spend on each course.

Admin character beside a menu of her user permissions.

Support managers and supervisors with your LMS

With SmarterU, you can give specific users elevated responsibilities by assigning them special permissions.

Give your managers, administrators, instructors, or anyone else responsibilities within your LMS. This way, your team members can continue their duties, be accountable for their supervisees, and assist with various LMS administration tasks.

Learn more: User permissions
Account Administrators

Give trusted users permission to manage all aspects of your LMS and let them assist your training efforts.

Managers & Supervisors

Let your managers or supervisors manage sub-accounts, groups, teams, or individual users.

Course Managers

Assign course managers to create courses, perform edits or, updates, and report on specific courses as needed.


Assign instructors in your LMS to manage training sessions, track attendance, and assign grades.

Everyone from your learning program, all in one place

Talk to our learning solutions experts to see how your LMS can accommodate the needs of your learners, managers, and administrators with any training needs.

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Choose the best way to add users to your LMS

With SmarterU, you can quickly add users, import large lists of users, or send LMS registration forms. Synchronize your LMS with your other software tools for seamless user data updates.
Add users to your LMS...Add users to your LMS...
Manually add new users in seconds

Configure default information, like team assignment or learning plan selection, to rapidly add new users with all the details you need.

If you need to add a few new LMS users on the fly, you can do this with SmarterU’s Quick User Add feature in mere seconds with minimal effort.

Smiling person with her arms crossed beside a mock UI of the “Quick User Add” feature.
Import thousands of users in minutes

Import new users or update your existing users from a single data file.

If you need to add or update many users at once, upload your list of users to your LMS. Then, SmarterU will automatically create new user profiles or modify existing ones. Your entire team could be up-to-date and ready to start training in minutes!

Mock UI of SmarterU’s user import, with illustrations of potential users.
User syncs keep your data consistent

Automatically synchronize user data from another software tool, such as your HRIS.

SmarterU LMS streamlines this process by letting you compile everything each learner needs into one learning plan. This feature reduces time spent manually assigning training and saves your learners from uncertainty regarding their training requirements and where to find them.

Smiling man overlapped with a user list, next to user dashboard on a laptop.
Encourage self-registration

Let learners register for your LMS with a custom sign-up form.

We can create a custom user registration form that you can use to invite new users to your LMS. You choose the required fields, and SmarterU will automatically create a new user profile for every registrant that includes all the information they entered.

Mock user registration form and LMS interface.
Automatic user profile creation

If you’re using SSO (single sign-on), SmarterU can create a new user profile upon successful login.

Once your users log in to your LMS through SSO, SmarterU will automatically create a new user profile for them using your account defaults.

Vector image of a laptop with a user profile, next to the same profile shown in SmarterU.
Put a face to every user’s name with profiles

With SmarterU’s searchable, filterable, and sortable user profiles, you can find any important information about your users in a flash.

Once you’ve added users to your LMS, find everything you need to know about them in their user profiles. You can also see a quick “preview” of the user’s profile by hovering over their name.

Each user’s profile details can be edited by either the user or an administrator. Some of these details include:

  • Profile photo or image
  • Contact information
  • Assigned learning plans
  • Certifications
  • Enrollment statuses
  • Date of last activity
Two mock user profiles beside a list of user groups.

Make a powerful LMS platform part of your team

We want SmarterU to be your LMS. Talk to our learning solutions experts to learn about how you can add us to your team.

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Flexible, scalable user organization

You have the flexibility to sort your LMS users into sub-accounts, groups, teams, and organizations, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your training program.
Map with admin in the center, and arrows pointing from admin to other characters on the map.

Organize your LMS users into groups to represent subsidiaries, locations, departments, or anything else.

Each group contains users, courses, and learner results. You can auto-enroll batches of learners based on their group, choose which courses are associated with them, and use them to run reports on specific data.

Mock user profile and a close-up of the profile’s group settings.
Home Groups

Each user is assigned to a single home group which allows you to deliver a more customized learning experience.

Home groups behave like any other group but with the additional benefits of optional custom branding and unique login pages. These options make them an ideal feature for companies that include multiple subsidiaries.

A mock interface representing the SmarterU Teams dashboard.

Sort your LMS users into teams to assign courses, learning plans, and track learners’ enrollments from multiple groups or sub-accounts.

Let users interact, collaborate, and access training from outside their groups or sub-accounts with teams. Teams are also an excellent way to associate users from different groups who play similar roles and facilitate reporting on user and course data from across the LMS.

An installer and instructor standing by mock SmarterU screens of their organization.

Arrange your users into organizations, giving you the ability to assign, enroll, and report on their training based on their location.

Organizations are a great way to group users when their location is a leading factor in their training needs. Perfect for a userbase that includes volunteers, contractors, customers, and more.


Elevate your team’s abilities with user permissions

Your team members play many different roles at your organization. Use SmarterU’s extensive permission system to give everyone access to what they need to do their jobs.
Vector blender mixing icons that represent different SmarterU user permissions.

Make LMS administration a team effort

Delegate managerial and administrative tasks to chosen LMS users with SmarterU’s extensive permission capabilities.

We know that your LMS includes many types of users  using SmarterU for various reasons. SmarterU LMS equips you with robust, highly-flexible user permissions so you can cater to them all.

You can assign users any combination of permissions so they can perform any role you need. Create your perfect permission cocktail (or mocktail!), blended and balanced to your organization’s needs.

Extend your users’ capabilities with permissions...Extend your users’ capabilities with permissions...
Extend your LMS management team

Give specific LMS users limited account administration capabilities.

Supplement your full LMS administrators by giving specific users elevated account permissions.

For example, you may allow a user to create new groups in your LMS or assign training to any user from any group without giving them any other account administrator-level permissions.

User profile connected by an arrow to a SmarterU account permissions menu.
A fully-featured account separate from your organization’s primary account
Designate other LMS users as your group managers.

SmarterU LMS lets you delegate group management tasks to users who are not members of your account administration team. You can give these users full administration duties for specific groups or assign them limited management capabilities.

Map with admin in the center. Other characters representing managers are scattered on the map.
Choose who manages your courses

Give specific users control over courses without giving them control over your account or groups.

Your LMS may include training managers, subject matter experts, instructors, course authors, or other users who should be able to control your training content without elevated account permissions. In SmarterU, you can do that with our course-level permissions.

Assign course manager duties to your LMS users and let them enroll learners, edit content, grade quizzes, adjust ILT waiting lists, and report on training. You can assign limited course management capabilities or complete control over courses.

Happy man with laptop. His course permissions and the course WYSIWYG editor in opposite corners.
Fine-tune any user’s role with individual permissions

Provide your users with additional permissions alongside their account, group, and course-level permissions.

The number of potential permission combinations is only limited by your imagination. However, SmarterU LMS also provides individual-based permissions that you can assign regardless of the user’s other permissions.

Some of these permissions include:

  • Quiz grading
  • Quiz proctoring
  • Supervisor access
  • Training cost report management
  • Access and edit permissions for specific reports
Two happy people, surrounded by a web connecting icons that represent permissions.

Discover your perfect user permission blend

Emulate any organizational structure with the perfect mix of user permissions. Talk to one of our learning solutions experts to find the right blend for you.

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Track User Activity

Support your learners and facilitate compliance audits with a clear picture of all user activity.

Woman with her hands on her hips, surrounded by several SmarterU interfaces.
Audit log

Check SmarterU’s Audit Log for any user-made changes to your courses, learning plans, or groups. The Audit Log will also show which user made these changes and when they made them.

User logins

Track how frequently users are logging into your LMS and view each user’s last login time. This data can help you gauge your organization’s LMS adoption rate and each user’s engagement.

Course activity

Discover the average amount of time it takes your learners to complete certain courses. This information may help you determine whether or not your course is challenging enough.

Certification details

Keep your team compliant by tracking which users are certified, which require certification renewals, and when certificates expire.

Profile changes

Support security or compliance requirements by keeping track of any user-made profile changes that you can vet for accuracy.

Add notes

Add notes to records on your Audit Log to let other LMS administrators know if any unusual user activity is expected.

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Your team will love being SmarterU users!

We’re confident that all your LMS users, from account managers to learners, will enjoy their training experience. Hear from a few of the organizations that have found success with SmarterU.

In terms of the product itself, we needed a training solution that would work seamlessly with a large user base. We didn't want a tool that was overly manual or administrative — SmarterU has exceeded our expectations.

Carmel H.


“It was very clear, looking at the system, that it was one that could grow with us, based on the tiers and numbers of users.“

Sarah B.
High Tide (Meta Growth)

“I have worked with many other Learning Management Systems and have never used one that is so user friendly. In addition to the ease of use, the support you offer is amazing as well!“

Jamie H.
Rise Broadband

“I want to thank you for being simply the BEST supplier I've ever worked with.“

Paul P.

Let us provide you with a custom user sync to minimize the administrative duties required of your LMS. We can integrate your existing user base with your SmarterU account and then create, update, or inactivate your LMS users for you!

Meet some of our SmarterU integration team – David & Thomas

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