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Achieve your desired training outcomes with our custom interactive eLearning experiences and unique approach to instructional design.

How we work with you

Reach your goals

Clearly define your training goals, outcomes, and how you’d like to measure your eLearning success.

Engage your learners

Use instructional design best practices to engage your learners throughout your custom courses.

Portray your brand

Captivating eLearning course design that perfectly portrays your brand and visual identity.

Keep you in the loop

Transparent communication and project management so you always know how your project is going.

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Custom eLearning solutions tailored to your specific needs

We go beyond a typical instructional design services provider. From initial planning to launching your custom eLearning course, we guide you each step of the way.

Instructional Design

Using instructional design best practices ensures your custom eLearning courses are engaging and intuitive — supporting your learner and knowledge retention goals.

Digital Design

Give your eLearning the “wow” factor with a beautifully crafted custom design where every aspect reflects your company brand for a truly unique learning experience.

eLearning Development

Led by our in-house team, our custom eLearning development process becomes a collaborative, creative journey that meets your desired learning outcomes.

Content Writing

Suffer from writer’s block no longer! We can help author, curate, and edit even the most technical content — to create eLearning that’s easy to follow.

Video Production

Video courses can help set your courses apart! We can help with all aspects of video production — helping weave storytelling into your custom courses.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Using images and illustrations, we create movement, helping your course content leap off the page and demand attention from your learners.

Software Demos

To show your learners how to use your software, create training modules that guide them through the correct way to use it — right inside your eLearning course!


Turn to simulations to help your learners practice technical, complex, or high-rise tasks in a fully immersive environment that feels close to the real thing.

Professional Narration

Voice actors give your eLearning courses a uniquely branded audio component that engages a second sensory and matches your custom course visuals.

SME Interviews

Let us help gather knowledge from your subject matter experts, ensuring your organization can base your eLearning on expertise and experience.

Quality Assurance

Receive peace of mind knowing that we put your custom course through a rigorous review process that checks for accessibility, accuracy, functionality, and readability.

Strategic L&D Consulting

For your strategic eLearning program, work with an experienced team— our learning consultants help you from an initial plan to the launch of your courses and beyond.

The staff is absolutely top notch and your product is truly the most sophisticated within its peer group, and I say that in confidence as we shopped around for 2 years and could not find a higher value.

Melissa Homer,

Chief Cleaning Officer, MaidPro

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Try our eLearning interactivity samples

Want a hands-on approach? Try our eLearning interactivity samples and explore components we could build for your course. Discover new inspirational and engaging ways to offer eLearning to your learners.

View interactions...View interactions...

Turn a series of images into a 360° virtual tour, providing learners with an immersive experience of unfamiliar environments.

Use animation in your course to help make instructional material relatable and relevant with engaging storytelling and visuals.

Avatars help to engage learners, provide a visual presence, and deliver information in a friendly and interactive manner.

Click-to-reveal interactivities help to organize content-heavy course slides with timelines, tabs, and more.

Engage learners with drag-and-drop activities, encouraging them to make logical associations between draggable elements.

Include fill-in-the-blank questions to test learner understanding by measuring specific knowledge.

Stimulate your learners’ visual memory and help them retain knowledge using flashcards.

Create an interactive image to display clickable hotspots for an extra layer of engagement and retention.

Assess learner comprehension and recall while reducing the ability to easily guess answers with matching activities.

Try our interactivity samples

Work with our instructional design and eLearning all-stars!

When building your eLearning course, work with a team of digital and instructional designers who put their passion for L&D into everything we create for you.

Instructional design services that shape your eLearning courses into engaging, enjoyable learning experiences.

Digital design services that put the spotlight on your company brand and visual identity with intuitive, interactive courses.

Project management that drives your custom eLearning development project to completion with less effort from your busy employees.

Want to work with our friendly, knowledgeable team?

We help take your vision and ideas for eLearning at your company and turn it into an immersive, interactive, enjoyable learning experience your learners will love.

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What you can expect from us

We’ll guide you through the process of creating custom eLearning experiences that turn into a rewarding, invaluable endeavor for your company.

Old Way
Neovation Way
Courses that don’t reflect your company’s brand, values, or visual identity.
Our design treatments start with your brand – front and center. We create your courses, ensuring your brand, values, and visual identity are woven through each pixel, perfectly capturing your company’s essence and conveying it on the screen.
Courses that struggle to build authority or communicate important information clearly to your learners.
Authentic points of view meet your learners where they are and then help them expand their horizons. Your courses can guide them through various activities, videos, and content that help create real change.
Courses with engagement metrics that are slumping, plateaued, or declining rapidly.
Steeped in instructional design best practices, we create intuitive custom interactivities that captivate the toughest audience and entice them to engage.
Courses that are buggy, slow-loading, inconsistent, and have other technical issues.
Using industry-standard, widely adopted authoring tools with quality assurance that’s second to none and a 30-day warranty for minor hiccups.
Courses that are inaccessible to all your learners which creates barriers to completing their needed training.
Accessibility best practices and standards built directly into your custom course – to ensure all your learners have an equal opportunity.
Not knowing how your eLearning project is going, when it will be complete, or why it’s over budget.
Detailed project planning that’s communicated by your project manager, along with a “points” system that allows for flexibility and changes as your eLearning project unfolds.
Your learners not taking their training seriously for any of the above reasons and more.
Custom eLearning courses that put your people first – delivered by a team that finds creative solutions to the most demanding eLearning challenges.

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Learn more about our custom eLearning creation process

Our digital and instructional design services follow three simple steps to plan, create, and develop your custom eLearning course project.

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We'll help transform your training into engaging, cohesive, effective custom eLearning courses hassle-free and within budget — so your learners can achieve more.
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This course is great! I am so impressed by [Flare Learning's] skills to take what I put into a Word document and mind map and turn it into a moving course that confused me when I was creating it — but making it all make sense!

Kella DeWit

Senior Specialist – Sales Effectiveness, CWB National Leasing

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