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SmarterU’s comprehensive training for admin users has given me a solid foundation to perform my day-to-day LMS tasks with confidence.

When there’s a tricky situation that I can’t figure out on my own by using their extremely detailed help center, I know that I’m only one message away from receiving direct assistance from one of their amazing support staff, who are always happy to help and explain the solution.

I love working with the system and love more that I feel supported when I run into something I haven’t done before.

Caroline D.

[OttoLearn] is an amazing tool — we're getting employees to continually engage in learning to allow that retention. And it allows us to measure where the knowledge gaps are immediately.

We can then develop activities to cover any knowledge gaps. It also allows the principals of the dealerships to encourage their employees because now they will have a dashboard that demonstrates to them 'this person isn't proficient in the sales techniques' or 'isn't proficient in this particular product'.

Edward T.

The Neovation team put the eLearning courses into readable, bite-sized pieces where we didn’t lose the content or the intent of what we had. The result was a consistent look from course to course, from section to section. It was critical that the language was clean and very concise. What the Neovation team came up with was just outstanding."

Jim L.
Canada Soccer

People are really seeing the value in this [OttoLearn] platform through our COVID-19 demo. They're liking how it's different, how it's low touch, and how we don't throw a pile of information at them all at once. You just pick it up and go. Two minutes later, you're done!

Allan M.

Jennifer and the [Custom Learning] team are amazing!

Director of Special Projects & Manager Training
National Franchise Chain

SmarterU has given our sales training effort a real boost in productivity. It has allowed us to standardize more of our training and onboarding across the entire sales force and automated many things we previously had to do manually and by many different folks. We continue to find new ways to utilize this excellent platform due to its flexibility and ease of use! Thank you SmarterU!

John G.

This innovative [microlearning] platform for eLearning is impressive. It’s a whole new way of gaining knowledge in a fun, engaging and time-sensitive fashion.

Mariette M.
WTC Winnipeg

Since using Neovation’s SmarterU LMS, we have increased our average customer purchase by $3 to $5. Regarding cost reduction, we reduced travel costs enough to produce more training. Using our LMS is financially more advantageous than doing expensive, in-person training.

Neovation is more than just an LMS supplier; they are a true vendor partner. We don't want to be just another customer, and Neovation has helped us grow by providing guidance and support. Their partnership is invaluable; they are always quick to respond when we need assistance. They even remember my name and ask about other things that are important to us, which shows their commitment to our success. SmarterU LMS was easy for us to learn and implement quickly, but complex enough to allow us to grow and do more as our ability increased.

Anthony S.
WH Smith North America

I've seen first-hand the positive effect SmarterU has had on our restaurants. It’s allowed me to be in front of 1,200 employees at 70 restaurants simultaneously. We've been able to significantly increase our levels of service and commitment and create a more engaging and scalable training program.

Wanda C.
Pizza Delight

We were thrilled to work with Neovation throughout the process. We appreciated their instructional design team's practical approach and ability to ensure  the content met the goal of creating engaging training tailored to a young audience.

Shari B.

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again, there has not been one time that I second guessed my decision to go with SmarterU. It has been a great experience.

Michelle T.
American Pacific Mortgage
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The SmarterU staff were incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with during the implementation process. They knew exactly how to customize the system so it would work perfectly with our unique training needs.

Our Implementation was very organized and efficient. The SmarterU Academy provided us with all the information we needed to drive us forward quickly and efficiently. The support website is very well organized and can address any questions that may come up while administering the tool.

Carmel H.

We love having SmarterU as our LMS provider. They have helped us grow our business and provide excellent service to our clients for 5+ years. The support from their TEAM is awesome, with quick responses anytime we need anything. Anyone considering a Real LMS partner needs to look at SmarterU and the features and value in their offering.

Domenic P.
Canadian Food Safety Group

Working with Neovation has been an incredible experience that truly elevated our training program. Their team's creativity, design expertise, and deep knowledge made our vision a reality, surpassing our expectations. They fostered an open dialogue, making adjustments seamless and ensuring our projects was not just good, but outstanding. Thanks to Neovation's dedication, our program has reached new heights, delivering impactful and accessible learning experiences for our global end-users.

We wholeheartedly recommend Neovation to anyone seeking to transform their training initiatives. Thank you, Neovation, for an unforgettable collaboration!

Dominique R.

The more LMS systems I see across the industry, the more I am impressed and grateful that we are with SmarterU. The system provides more flexibility, reliability, and depth of reporting than the competition. The support from the team is outstanding. I have already recommended SmarterU to others and am sure to continue to do so.

Sara B.
High Tide Inc.

Neovation promises high, and delivers even higher. This has consistently been our experience since we started doing business with Neovation in 2013.

Heather M.
Home Hardware

Your team is always willing to assist and answer questions. Going into every detail and with SmarterU Academy it’s helping teach us even more about the ins and outs of the program. Such a great way to give us the opportunity to understand even more.

Sheila F.
Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis

SmarterU is a great product, an ever-evolving yet stable & reliable platform from which we deliver our training to a global audience. All backed up by helpful, knowledgeable support when we need it.

Giles S.

We like to do things uniquely, and Neovation has always excelled at customizing to fit our needs. Their communication is responsive, clear, and concise, making everything run efficiently. We were thrilled with the eLearning workbook, and even five years later, Neovation continues to support us.

Brady K.

[OttoLearn] is a new and exciting way to learn! Increasing your mastery level in each category makes it fun, keeps you engaged and learning until you become the master.

Amanda H.
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The team at SmarterU have been exceptional partners to us at Sunwing Travel Group. They dig in with us and try to innovate quickly and efficiently. We have a lot in common: driven to make our customers’ experience valuable, focused on solutions, and of course, Canadian.

Deon B.

With SmarterU, we can change or revise courses and learning plans ourselves and do it quickly as needed. That was a big deal. We changed the system's setup for us and our customers since it was so flexible.

Nadine W.
Core Business Solutions, Inc.

Working with Neovation has been an exceptional experience. Their disciplined approach and impressive course development process delivered high-production-value content that align perfectly with our needs and messaging. The trust, transparency, and seamless execution from start to finish have made every interaction with their team a pleasure. Their responsiveness and personable approach ensure that we always feel heard and valued. Neovation's dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of our collaboration, leaving a lasting impression on all involved.

Doug R.
Beacon of Light

We were wowed — and we still are — by the Netflix-style [OttoLearn] interface. That really is aesthetically pleasing and it's also intuitive and easy to use. And for us, that's really important.

Edward T.

We can’t wait to use OttoLearn. It gives us a whole new educational delivery method. Plus, it delivers a cutting-edge learning tool to understand our clients’ learning needs and styles to serve them better.

William D.

Just wanted to share a sincere thank you for all your help and patience throughout this [Custom Learning] project. I know you both do this all the time, but I have to say this is one of the projects I am most proud of in terms of creativity and collaboration and what a great send off into retirement!

Lisa B.
People First HR

Neovation has been exceptionally responsive and supportive. While the platform and functions are already strong, Neovation doesn't stand still. The team actively solicits feedback, goes over and above to address any concerns, and takes all feature requests to heart.

Sara B.
High Tide Inc.

Jen and her [Flare Learning] team at OttoLearn have been great to work with. Fast, friendly, and efficient in all the training pieces that they create for us.

Corporate Training Manager
National Franchise Chain
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As we continued to grow in both size of our company and effective usage of SmarterU, we needed to rely on assistance from the SmarterU team. This is when we realized we were not just a customer, but instead, a partner. Over time, we expanded our relationship with SmarterU and have signed up for more services within the Neovation suite of products.

Anthony S.

SmarterU is a great LMS. I love how it tracks all of our courses and training, so easy to use. Now about the staff at Neovation, fantastic, always ready to help. Continually coming up with ideas to make my job easier.

Caleb B.

It's not that classroom training doesn't have a place ... it's just that it's inefficient, expensive, and doesn't really lead to good performance — at least compared to OttoLearn. Even traditional eLearning can't compete on measures like retention and engagement. This is going to transform the industry!

Robert C.

In terms of the product itself, we needed a training solution that would work seamlessly with a large user base. We didn't want a tool that was overly manual or administrative — SmarterU has exceeded our expectations.

Carmel H.

OttoLearn is a great tool for knowledge retention.

Gerald C.
Cleveland Clinic

It’s been an awesome, awesome experience over the last 2 years … The Admin Services team demonstrates to me that, even if I am one of thousands of clients, I’m getting a very personal experience, as if I was the only client. I don’t think that I can say that I have had a similar experience with other providers. It’s really top-notch!

Cal R.

This initiative was a huge success! Neovation’s quick turnaround was amazing, and they did an excellent job pivoting and staying flexible.

Dominique R.

I want to thank you and everyone at Neovation for being so great to me and the team. I can honestly and without exaggeration say that this has been the best vendor partnership I have ever had.

Vice President, Talent Development & Employment Experience
Major Air Carrier/Vacation Travel Industry

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