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As part of our mission to unleash human potential and increase organizational intelligence at your company, we want to ensure you get the most from the products and services we can offer!

We believe that as a new client, signing on the dotted is just the beginning of our relationship. Our free eLearning webinars help you explore the unexplored and discover the undiscovered.

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Make Learning Magical: Expand your eLearning Ecosystem with OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning
Hidden Gems: The Power of Proctoring
Hidden Gems: Managed Admin Services

All webinars are hosted by our eLearning experts!

Our webinars cover training strategies, tips, and tools to help your organization thrive

If you’ve ever struggled with any aspects of online training – our webinars are perfect for you. We cover eLearning solutions that improve employee performance, increase engagement and retention, and drive business results that show training ROI!

Our current list of webinars available on demand are:

Expand your eLearning ecosystem with OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning

Adding OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning – as a stand-alone solution or working with your current LMS – boosts engagement, improves knowledge retention, and helps manage ongoing compliance training. No matter how you are doing online training today, microlearning adds the next best step to achieve your training outcomes.

The power of proctoring

Wish you could ensure that your learners were taking their final test or certification exam without looking at their notes or using Google to get the right answer? Learn how to solve this problem with SmarterU and worry no longer!

Get the most from your LMS with managed admin services

Do you have big goals but lack resources? Does your LMS admin team need a hand? Need a temporary LMS admin to help manage a time of transition? Learn how Neovation’s LMS Admin team works directly with your training manager or internal LMS Admins to help you achieve your goals and objectives and overcome challenges.
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Let us show you hidden gems from our products and services that will make learning magical at your company!
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Make Learning Magical: Expand your eLearning Ecosystem with OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning
Hidden Gems: The Power of Proctoring
Hidden Gems: Managed Admin Services

About the Make Learning Magical Webinar Series

Hosted by Neovation’s eLearning experts, our monthly one-hour webinar explores some of the most impactful product features, services, and capabilities provided by Neovation.

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About Neovation Learning Solutions

Neovation Learning Solutions is an award-winning eLearning company that is obsessed with unleashing human potential and increasing organizational intelligence. In addition to its gamified microlearning platform, OttoLearn, Neovation offers an LMS (SmarterU) and in-house course development services (Flare Learning) to hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of their learners around the world.

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