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SmarterU LMS Pricing

Our LMS pricing is designed to fit your organization — delivering all the features and services you need for a successful training program launch and beyond!

Finally, an LMS that lets you work smarter!

Our powerful learning system is ideal for ambitious organizations looking to deliver better training experiences to their learners. 

Our pricing starts at $7,999 USD per year. We'd happily provide you with a quote based on your specific needs. Reach out to us for details on pricing today.

Request custom LMS pricing from our experts today!

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SmarterU LMS is a top 15 all-purpose learning system according to Talented Learning 2023 list by John Leh
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SmarterU has all of the LMS features you need

With over a decade of experience as an LMS software provider, we know what organizations need to get the most from their training programs and learners!
Learning Plan Automation

Automate your training efforts by building your courses, requirements, and actions into learning plans!

  • Include an unlimited number of steps
  • Create reusable training component blocks for multiple learning plans
  • Offer self-enroll, automate enrollment, or auto-renewal
  • Report on progress, certifications met, and expiry or refresh dates
  • Show warnings for expiring certification and track recall dates
  • Engage with notifications and instant certificate delivery
Custom Page Builder

Create the perfect learning experience tailored to each group of learners with drag and drop widgets.

Our custom page builder has drag n’ drop widgets for:

  • Courses and Learning Plans
  • Enrollment summaries and progress
  • Knowledge base assets and links
  • Leaderboards and gamification elements
  • Messages, images, and videos
  • Event reminders and calendars
  • Profile, engagement, and timelines
Learner Experience

Empower your employees with the training they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability!

SmarterU LMS fits with any industry and can facilitate:

  • New employee onboarding
  • Compliance, safety, and regulatory training
  • Professional development
  • Partner and customer training
  • Association and membership training
  • Behaviour skills training
  • Reskilling and upskilling
Define the experience

Familiarity and Intuitiveness deliver a superior learner experience during every part of the training lifecycle.

Build your own courses

Build and deploy courses your way with videos, interactivity, and activities or upload PPT files for quick training content.

Powerful automation

Bundle courses, actions, and create detailed learning plans with reusable parts that let you do less, but achieve more.

Easy LMS enrollments

Our enrollment engine gives you the control to let learners enroll in training courses as you see fit.


Motivate employees with points, leaderboards, and incentives to improve training engagement.

Centralized knowledge

Keep all your documents, product sheets, forms, and training assets searchable, secure, and single-source.

Flexible structuring

Powerful permissions and extensive account settings lets you match your organizational structure.

Quizzes and testing

Prove your training has improved your learners' knowledge by creating quizzes or exams that can be proctored.

Measure everything

Gather feedback, disperse surveys, and analyze learner progression to make data-driven decisions.

Custom reports

Visually stunning dashboards and customizable reports that highlight training ROI and can be saved for future use.

Frictionless access

Branded login pages, simple single sign-on (SSO), and an accessible interface removes barriers from training.


Universal format support including AICC and xAPI that lets learners launch their training with one click.

Libraries on demand

With over 8,000 video-based training courses, you'll have your training program launched in record time.

Robustly multilingual

We want you to reach your multilingual team in their preferred language for increased training accessibility.


Start selling training courses on your preferred platform — Shopify, WooCommerce, PayPal, and others.

Integrate your data

Put your data to use with options that include API connections, data imports, or custom integrations to third-party software.

Ready to empower employees with an improved training experience?

Let's talk about your organizational training needs — and how SmarterU can help! Request a meeting with our learning solutions experts and we'll help identify your training needs and deliver an LMS that exceeds them.

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Your journey to improving your learners’ training outcomes starts here.

Join us as we show you why your organization will benefit from making SmarterU LMS your learning platform of choice!

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Our team = your success

Our highly-responsive Client Success team is with you each step of the way on your journey to improved training!

We can help you reap the benefits of improved training at your organization. Let us build a tailored training program with your L&D team’s input or take a la a carte approach and get the services you'll use the most!

  • Expert LMS implementation & onboarding
  • Managed LMS administration services
  • Metrics that ensure your training program success
  • Free LMS administrator training academy
  • Dedicated, attentive account management
  • Unmatched support resolution and guidance
  • 25-minutes or less support response times

Are you looking for amazing team to work with?

No other LMS vendor supports you the way we do! Learn how we’ll help guide your learning initiatives with fast, friendly, expert support — every step of the way.

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Have a question that isn't listed? Contact us – we're happy to help!
How do you count learners?

We count all learners (LMS users) that log into your account on a monthly basis. Compare us and you'll see that our rates are the best in the industry!

Are there annual pre-payment discounts?

Absolutely! Contact us to discuss prepayment discounts for annual and multi-year plans.

Can you work with my business?

We understand that every business is unique! SmarterU LMS has helped various companies, across many sectors and industries, in multiple shapes and sizes to satisfy their training needs. Our learning solutions experts can customize a plan that fits your business. Reach out to discuss a custom plan.

How do we receive training?

We provide exceptional free training for your initial and future system administrators. All training is through the SmarterU Academy, which is built and deployed on the SmarterU LMS so you'll be using the LMS as you're trained about the LMS for even deeper learning!

What if I need a custom integration?

We can integrate with nearly any system. We love solving challenges related to employee performance with training at our client's organizations. Let us know what your vision is and your needs are and our custom integrations team will work their magic to help you bring it to fruition.

Is SmarterU available as a self-hosted LMS?

Yes, SmarterU LMS is available as a self-hosted, on-premise LMS. This option is available for highly sensitive engagements with large corporate or government clients. Please inquire for more information on self-hosting SmarterU.

What languages are supported?

All of our LMS plans support English, French, and Spanish. Our Enterprise plan also supports Arabic, Filipino, German, Hindi, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Thai.

Additional languages are available. Please inquire for more information on multilingual options.

How much are additional learners?

We offer competitive volume learner (user) rates — contact us for a quote.

SmarterU has great features, but I also really need my LMS to do ________ !

No worries! We release new LMS features every quarter, so there are plenty of opportunities for us to discuss a feature you'd like to see and find a way to integrate it into our platform to the benefit of all of our clients.

How do you handle support?

Enjoy unlimited administrator training, 1:1 coaching, and industry-leading 25 minutes (or less) response times through our premium support offering. Contact us to learn more about our support.

Request your free SmarterU LMS demo & discovery call

Do you want an opportunity to evaluate SmarterU LMS to see if it will meet your needs? Schedule your discovery call and LMS demo today!

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Craig Weiss Group - 2023 Top Learning Systems in the World, #19
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We were inexperienced with how to operate an LMS, but we knew we needed to take the next step with the growth of our training department. From the very beginning, we were treated with respect, encouragement, and a whole lot of help.

Anthony Sitchler

Director of Training, InMotion Entertainment

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