Learning Systems & Features

LMS? Microlearning? LXP and others? Learn about the types of learning systems or training platforms, discover their features, and determine which learning system aligns best with your organization’s training needs.

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Understanding the different online learning systems

There can be a lot of overlap between the different training platform types – as platform providers build new features to appease customers and prospects. It’s important to distinguish the differences. Explore articles that cover each learning system in detail so you’ll have the knowledge you need when selecting your next learning system.

How to find, purchase, and implement your online learning system

It’s time to go shopping! Depending on how you feel about this activity, it can become a point of contention or bring you excitement for “what’s next.” Covering each step — from finding learning system vendors, attending your first sales calls, evaluating your training platform demos, and implementing your selected learning system — we lay out the steps so you can make a sound decision.

Building your eLearning ecosystem

Like the delicate balance in many of nature’s ecosystems, your eLearning ecosystem is no different. Understanding the nuances of each component and how they work together will help your organization deliver a holistic approach to any online training endeavor.

Understanding your learners

Truly understanding your learners needs and goals – including what they aren’t looking for from your training – is a key to improving learner engagement and training outcomes. Explore how your learners may interact with various features or forms of learning to help them get the most from the training you provide.

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