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Discover a curated list of reference guides, resource lists, extensions and tools, templates, stock libraries, online courses, and other supportive eLearning resources. Perfect for assisting with professional and personal development, helping you be more productive with everything you do.

Accessibility Resources

For your eLearning to reach peak effectiveness, it needs to be accessible to all of your employees. Digital accessibility tools and resources have come a long way recently — we’ve rounded up the best articles, tools, and tips for your use.
You’ll find resources for web writing, Adobe PDF and Microsoft document accessibility, video accessibility, color accessibility, browser plug-ins and add-ons, and assistive technology.

AI Tools

Get up to speed with the hottest development in technology – artificial intelligence! Use these tools to harness the power of AI in your everyday L&D tasks; you’ve never had a more powerful toolkit at your fingertips to improve your daily work.
You’ll find tools for research, content writing, creating images and art, editing videos, proofreading and grammar checks, and creating full presentations.

Augmented & Virtual Reality Tools

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Authoring Tools

Put your eLearning course idea into action with authoring tools that give you a starting point with commonly used assets, interactions, and templates – helping you create rich learning experiences for your employees.
You’ll find resources and tools to dig into that can help take your eLearning courses to the next level.

Graphic & Digital Design

Level up your digital design game and start creating graphics that look as good as the pros! In recent years, a surge of tools have come to market that help you design better, faster, and more confidently, even with little to no formal training.
You’ll find design tools from all the big players with features for image and video creation, social media, PDFs, professional templates, AI-enhanced, and stock libraries, all included.

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Professional Development

Bolster your CV with upgraded skills, take your career in a new direction, find the perfect reskilling resources, and more – helping to empower yourself or your employees. After all, learning is a lifelong journey.
You’ll find comprehensive online guides, product knowledge centers and academies, post-secondary education resources, and online certification programs in various mediums and formats.

Stock Images, Audio & Video

If your eLearning project needs a bit of pizzazz – turn to stock libraries containing tons of copyright-free digital assets. With millions of options, stock library websites offer intuitive searching to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.
You’ll find millions of images, photos, illustrations, vector art, videos, mockups, templates, icons, audio effects, and music in various file formats that you can use for your projects.

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Video Production

Gone are the days of requiring a videographer to help you cut your footage together – become the director and create inspiring video content that helps your learners grasp the training material they need to know.
You’ll find AI-powered tools, intuitive UI, screen recording, team collaboration, audio editing, stock libraries, and automation to help you easily cut and distribute your videos.

Website Development

Learn about the best practices for creating websites and content for the web and then bring creation online, giving you access to a worldwide audience – distribute knowledge, sell courses, promote your brand, and more.
You’ll find content management systems, eBook publishing systems, code validation tools, extensions for troubleshooting, and best practices to help you create an accessible and user-friendly website.

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