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Dan Belhassen

Founder & CEO of Neovation

As an eLearning thought-leader, Dan loves to talk about how technology can improve business growth and speaks with enthusiasm about data-driven analytics, online marketing trends, and is an in-demand AI-for-L&D evangelist.

Dan’s ability to demystify complicated topics is his secret weapon when speaking to both tech and non-tech audiences.

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Interviews & Podcasts with Dan

Conversations with Manitoba Businesses: Innovation Series
A Podcast Interview with Dan Belhassen

Dan discusses how Neovation helps organizations create and deliver training to their employees, with emphasis on how OttoLean and microlearning lead to effective long-term retention. Hosted by Mariette Mulaire and Joelle Foster.

Listen to the podcast
The Business Case for Microlearning
A Video Podcast Interview with Dan Belhassen

Dan discusses how microlearning is affecting the face of corporate training on an episode of Quicksilver: A Behind the Scenes Look at The eLearning Alchemist Podcast with host Clint Clarkson.

Watch the interview

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