Is your online training ecosystem working for you?

At Neovation, we are obsessed with unleashing human potential and increasing organizational intelligence. 

We will build or enhance your eLearning ecosystem to improve training performance.

We help organizations deliver effective, impactful, measurable online training. Here’s how:

Strategically plan and implement an online training ecosystem for knowledge management and talent development.

Accomplish your training and business goals with a strategic approach to online training and talent development. We will perform a thorough analysis of your knowledge management program and your goals. We’ll then design a multi-year implementation strategy for an online training ecosystem that will advance you toward those goals — and beyond. 

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Hundreds of thousands of learners have to update their knowledge, add or refresh skills, and meet legal and industry requirements, often through compliance training.

From safety drills to harassment-prevention training, and from certifications to continuing education requirements, learners in many professions take regular compliance training. 

Annual or continual compliance training might be mandated by state, federal, or professional regulators, while continuing education units are required by many professional associations and licensing organizations.  

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Appeal to your modern digital learners with online training that is mobile-first, available on demand and personalized to their learning goals, schedules, environment, and preferences — and watch engagement soar.

We deliver training that appeals to modern learners and increases their engagement: Mobile-first microlearning, available on demand and on learners’ favorite devices. 

Gamified training that entices them to keep playing to earn rewards, top the leaderboard, and improve their training outcomes. 

Personalized learning, including targeted, relevant adaptive training, personalized learning plans, and multimedia content that fits with their learning preferences, schedules, and learning environments. 

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Your eLearning program should be about more than meeting requirements and completing courses. We’ll help you improve training performance and outcomes.

Ensuring that learners finish their compliance or other online training is not enough. You need measurable outcomes and continuous improvement in training performance. 

That starts with linking training to specific KPIs and collecting and analyzing the data to see what’s working and what’s not. It means using tools like PowerBI to gather data and tie learning engagement and progress with training performance and on-the-job performance.

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Get new hires off to a great start — and ensure all employees’ skills stay sharp with onboarding and everboarding.

Employees stay longer with companies that invest in their skills and professional development. Offering flexible learning options and supporting everboarding — ongoing learning — ensures that your employees are ready for any challenge.

Focused, personalized onboarding and everboarding ensure all employees’ skills stay sharp and up-to-date. Our online training programs foster a learning culture with continuous training, flexible content libraries, on-demand content, and much more.

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Who’s got the time or patience to dig into fat manuals and old notebooks, looking for answers? 

Providing on-demand knowledge resources, including online training, like microlearning, and performance support tools, like knowledge bases, curated content libraries, and other quick-reference job aids, empowers self-directed learning and problem-solving. 

For quick review of seldom-performed tasks or answers to questions, on-demand resources are an effective and efficient way to improve results without interrupting the workflow.

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A continuous online training program makes upskilling and reskilling easy, proactively preparing your learners for changes in their jobs roles.

Using online training for upskilling and reskilling proactively improves training performance, eliminates knowledge gaps, and keeps employees’ skills current.

Reskilling enables workers to adapt to changes in their job roles, whether due to automation, adoption of new software, or changes in processes.

Upskilling adds new skills to enable them to take on stretch assignments or prepare them for a promotion or lateral move.

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Online training, eLearning administration, or measuring and improving training performance … we do it all!

Strategy & Implementation

Pull together mobile, virtual, and instructor-led training, boost engagement, and show real ROI with a solid online training strategy and guided implementation.

An online training course or platform is just one element in a bigger strategic picture. 

Our team ensures that all components of your eLearning ecosystem work together to provide a seamless learner experience, painless administration, and constantly improving training performance and business outcomes.

Online Training Development

From needs assessment to platform and media selection to content creation, call on an experienced team to deliver outstanding results.

Our team has every step of your online training development covered, from curriculum design to interviewing SMEs, and from storyboarding through delivery of polished content. 

We’ll even do translation, add narration and animation, and more. Whether you seek microlearning, eLearning courses, or simulations, our top-notch training development team excels.

Training Delivery Technology

Whether you need a single eLearning component or an integrated ecosystem, we can help you identify and implement the right training delivery technology.

From a full-service LMS that integrates with your existing HRIS and talent management systems to eLearning courses, a mobile-first microlearning platform, and custom-designed training content, we will manage your projects and guide you through the implementation and launch of your online training ecosystem.

Graphic & eLearning Design

Great content is just the start! Your online training needs the right design, intuitive interactivity, and media assets to engage and delight learners.

Ensure a stellar learner experience with expertly designed eLearning. 

We start with evidence-based instructional design and a learner-friendly user interface, wrapped in an enticing visual and graphic design.

Our team will then create animations, infographics, charts, and interactivities, expertly producing any and all media assets required to meet learners’ needs and drive outstanding training outcomes.

Training Administration Support

Reduce stress and improve training administrators’ experience and efficiency with smooth integrations and easy learner management.

Our online training ecosystems provide the training administration support your team dreams about: An LMS that easily integrates with other components of your talent management and eLearning programs. Automation that makes learner enrollment and tracking a breeze. Single sign-on, automated reminders, secure exams … you name it, our system handles it.

Course Libraries

Not all online training content has to be created specifically for your learners. Excellent content libraries exist for many popular and common training topics.

Take advantage of high-quality eLearning course libraries with your Neovation online training solution.

There’s no need to invest in your own content on topics that are not proprietary and where someone else has already created outstanding content!

From power skills like conflict resolution, negotiating, or improving team communication to HR or IT topics, learning to use common software packages, or sales and marketing skills, our enterprise-quality content libraries have it covered. We vet all SmarterU Essentials courses and add new content regularly.

In-house Software Training

When your organization rolls out new software, let us train your employees!

Updating the software that powers your business is only the first step. You also need to train your entire staff to use it effectively. Whether it’s an industry standard like Storyline, Captivate, iSpring, or PowerPoint or proprietary software, we will teach your learners what they need to know with relevant, effective online training targeted to each job role.

Training for Your Customers

Extend your enterprise and reach those engagement targets, ensuring your customers know how to use your products.

Providing professionally designed, easy-to-use, engaging tutorials, online help, and other online training along with the software products you sell increases their value.

Partner with our team of online training experts to prepare tools to guide new users over the learning curve. New users will rave about how easy your products are to learn and use — and sales will skyrocket.


We will help you turn your great content into a profitable online training product. 

Do you have stellar eLearning content that you’re looking to monetize? Or training that you want to extend to your partners, resellers, consultants or even your customers? We will guide you in packaging your online training, choosing a delivery platform, and designing and launching a sales and delivery strategy.

Contact us today and start building your ideal training ecosystem!

Let us help you create online training focused on the KPIs that matter most to you.

Our solutions will boost training outcomes and empower you to get more out of your training investment!

Curious how our training solutions have helped organizations?

Our success stories will give you a detailed look at how our powerful LMS, innovative gamified microlearning approach and ability to create captivating eLearning courses will take your business to the next level.
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Our online training solutions will help you reach your business goals and improve worker performance and outcomes. 

Online training moves you toward your business goals

Tailor online training to your business goals and essential KPIs. Correlate training with performance and uncover ROI using Neovation’s powerful data analysis tools.

Discover which content engages your learners, uncover and eliminate knowledge gaps, and measure knowledge retention. 

Expand your reach by extending your training to partners, vendors, consultants, and customers worldwide — with global, multilingual online training.

Build a robust and effective online training ecosystem with Neovation and integrate eLearning with your entire suite of talent development and management tools.

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Use online training to improve employees’ performance

With on-demand content, continuous microlearning, and performance support tools, you can upskill, reskill, and educate your learners.

Identify and fill knowledge gaps, proactively prepare employees for changes in their job roles, and ensure they have the information they need when they need it. Neovation can provide a variety of flexible online training solutions to meet your needs and drive performance.

Better training outcomes are just a phone call away

When you need online training, call on the experts.

Not all eLearning is equally effective. Choose the best online training format for the content, business goals, and learner population you are targeting. Reach your learners wherever they are with flexible mobile and desktop friendly eLearning and support continued learning and knowledge retention with on-demand content and performance support. Whether your goal is improved safety, greater customer satisfaction, higher sales totals, or reduced employee turnover, Neovation can create the right online training solution to meet and exceed your goals.

Companies with a strong learning culture outperform their competition
Providing employees with development opportunities reduces voluntary turnover
Skills quickly become obsolete; ongoing online training keeps employees’ skills current
Partner with us to create online training that syncs eLearning with your business goals to achieve clear ROI
Talk to us about adding a knowledge retention campaign to your in-depth courses and boost your training outcomes
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Don’t take our word for it! Let our record speak for itself.

Neovation’s online training solutions have won international recognition and awards:

It was very clear, looking at [SmarterU], that it could grow with us, based on the tiers and number of users. ... Knowing that things like OttoLearn were available as potential future additions — it was certainly easier to keep it all in-house and under one umbrella, one relationship. And of course the expertise of Flare Learning really does give a 360 solution.

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Meta Growth