Considering moving from instructor-led to eLearning?

If you’re motivated to reduce costs, improve convenience, or increase engagement – let us transform your instructor-led training into scalable, interactive eLearning.

Are your learners “zoomed” out?

Is the training you deliver through Zoom calls or in-person sessions difficult to scale, costly, inconvenient, unengaging, and challenging to validate success? Converting your training to eLearning can help solve these concerns.

However, most organizations aren’t sure where to start:

"What are reasonable expectations?"

"Will the training resonate with my learners?"

"What process do I follow when developing eLearning?"

"How will I gather knowledge from subject matter experts?"

"Who should be involved in the project?"

"How long will it take to create?"

"What will my budget allow?"

Your expectations

You expect a high-quality design that portrays your brand, intuitive interactive elements that enhance learning, and for your eLearning to satisfy your vision.

Your learners

When replacing instructor-led training, your learners need eLearning to be engaging, helping them grasp and retain knowledge from your courses.

Your eLearning project

While you’re devoted to moving to eLearning, you want to be guided by an experienced team you can trust and be confident in to accomplish your goals.

Your training content

Whether your training content is in your instructor’s head or you have additional assets, you want help to select the right content for your eLearning courses.

Your team

You may have a small and mighty L&D team, or you may not – but you may not have experience with eLearning and would like a team of experts to help.

Your timeline

Ideally, once you’ve selected an eLearning vendor to work with, you aim to convert your instructor-led training to eLearning within 3 to 6 months.

Your budget

Your budget allows for $3,000- $25,000 per 20-minute eLearning course, but you know your courses will be infinitely reusable, reducing your overall cost.

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We take care of everything, making your move to eLearning smooth

Instructional Design

Using instructional design best practices ensures your custom eLearning courses are interactive, engaging, and intuitive — supporting your learner and knowledge retention goals.

Digital Design

Give your new eLearning courses the “wow” factor with a beautifully crafted custom design where every aspect reflects your company brand for a truly unique learning experience.

Fully Guided Solutions

We can create a curriculum, provide needs analysis, establish course flow, and help with all hands-on aspects that result in a successful instructor-led training to eLearning project.

Video Production

Video can help set your courses apart! We can help with all aspects of video production — helping weave your instructor's storytelling abilities into your custom courses.

Professional Narration

Voice actors give your eLearning courses a uniquely branded audio component that engages a second sensory and matches your custom course visuals.

SME Interviews

Let us help gather your instructor's knowledge, ensuring your organization can base your eLearning on expertise and experience.

Our collaborative process ensures an excellent experience for you

Using your instructor-led training as your source content, our digital and instructional design services teams follow five simple steps to plan, create, and develop your custom eLearning course project.

Chart of the collaborative process

We understand your needs

We’ve been trusted to produce thousands of eLearning resources for hundreds of clients in various industries, including folks in these specific areas.

Industry Associations
Government & Universities
Healthcare & Mental Health
Your Organization

Want help converting your instructor-led training to eLearning?

When you’re ready, book a free, no-obligation meeting with our friendly eLearning advisors, who can help you solve your challenges with an eLearning project.

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Try eLearning interactivity examples

Want a hands-on approach? Try our eLearning interactivity samples and explore components we could build for your course. Discover new inspirational and engaging ways to offer eLearning to your learners.

View interactions...View interactions...

Turn a series of images into a 360° virtual tour, providing learners with an immersive experience of unfamiliar environments.

Use animation in your course to help make instructional material relatable and relevant with engaging storytelling and visuals.

Avatars help to engage learners, provide a visual presence, and deliver information in a friendly and interactive manner.

Click-to-reveal interactivities help to organize content-heavy course slides with timelines, tabs, and more.

Engage learners with drag-and-drop activities, encouraging them to make logical associations between draggable elements.

Include fill-in-the-blank questions to test learner understanding by measuring specific knowledge.

Stimulate your learners’ visual memory and help them retain knowledge using flashcards.

Create an interactive image to display clickable hotspots for an extra layer of engagement and retention.

Assess learner comprehension and recall while reducing the ability to easily guess answers with matching activities.

Try our interactivity samples

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