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Training Management

Your learning program will stay in tiptop shape with an LMS that helps your team manage and enroll learners, provide notifications, and evaluate your program’s ROI.

Streamline your training program’s operations

With SmarterU, you can delegate course management duties to internal or external instructors.

Make training management a team effort by letting training managers run your courses while your LMS administrators run your account. Your training managers will be able to enroll learners into courses, send them notifications, and report on their progress as needed.


Keep your training efforts en route with course managers and instructors

Assign course managers and instructors to keep your courses up-to-date, ensure your learners are enrolled, correctly deliver your training, and run reports to show learner progress.
Keep your training efforts en route...Keep your training efforts en route...
Select a captain for the learning voyage

Select course managers to keep an eye on your training content, vet it for accuracy, and update it.

Assign one or more course managers for each course, allowing them to edit content, enroll learners and report on all metrics related to their assigned training course(s).

Update content: Course managers can edit content to keep your training courses current.

Enroll learners: You can let your course managers enroll learners directly into their courses.

Run reports: Course managers can run enrollment reports for the courses they manage.

Three people on a boat, with one at the wheel, one looking at a map, and one looking through a telescope.
Empower your instructors

SmarterU LMS allows you to designate internal or external course instructors.

Choose any LMS user to be an instructor, giving them the tools they need to manage enrollments, adjust waiting lists, and track attendance as they guide your learners to complete their training.

Instructor permissions: Assign instructors to courses so they can schedule their sessions, enroll and train your learners, and grade quizzes and exams.

Manager waiting lists: Allow Instructors to optimize their sessions by manually moving learners from a waiting list into available sessions.

Track attendance and assign grades: Instructors can take attendance and assign grades to learners.

Person looking at a computer monitor which displays a calendar of upcoming course sessions.

Build custom courses for your organization

With SmarterU's course builder, you can build or update courses with complete freedom. Talk to our learning solutions experts and bring course creation in-house.

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Keep your team moving forward with SmarterU LMS

With SmarterU’s notifications, your training stays on everyone’s minds. They will be automatically reminded of upcoming course due dates and sessions.
Smiling person surrounded by several SmarterU notification settings.

Automated notifications keep your team on track

Schedule regular, automated notifications to your learners and the rest of your team.

Let SmarterU LMS keep everyone on top of your training with regular, automatic notifications. All you need to do is choose which users need the reminders and when SmarterU should notify them.

Use notifications to keep your team on track...Use notifications to keep your team on track...
Learner Reminders
Automatically send one or more reminders to your learners.

Learner reminders may include:

  • Course completion or assignment deadlines
  • Upcoming exams
  • Upcoming instructor-led sessions
  • Upcoming certification expiry
  • Certification expiry
  • Missed sessions
Woman standing in front of SmarterU’s learner reminder settings.
Instructor Reminders
SmarterU will automatically send reminders to your instructors.

Instructor reminders include:

  • Reminders of their upcoming sessions
  • Reminders to report learner grades
  • Reminders to report on learner attendance records
Smiling man in a suit next to a grid that lists his courses and their status.
Scheduled Reminders
Establish a customized series of escalated notifications that contain steps to notify multiple people.

For example, you can schedule a cadence of escalated reminders that:

  • Course completion or assignment deadlines
  • Upcoming exams
  • Upcoming instructor-led sessions
  • Upcoming certification expiry
  • Certification expiry
  • Missed sessions
A mock-up of a fictitious SmarterU learner profile with course statuses.
Email Templates
Keep your emails uniform by creating adjustable templates with reusable content blocks.

Customize over fifty branded email templates, including:

  • Course enrollments and completions
  • Course due date reminders
  • Certification completion to your learners
  • Account invitations
  • Learning plan assignment
SmarterU email template settings beside an illustration of a letter.
External contacts
You can send scheduled reminders and notifications to external email addresses.

Communicate with custom contacts, such as:

  • External instructors or contractors
  • Compliance officers
  • Partner organizations
  • Shareholders or customers
Person on a laptop beside a post-course evaluation survey.

Help your LMS users stay on target

Your team will hit their training “bullseyes” every time. Talk to our learning solutions experts to learn more about SmarterU’s notifications.

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Choose how you enroll your learners

SmarterU LMS gives your managers, administrators, and instructors many ways to enroll your learners into training.
Two smiling individuals standing in front of a few courses, with a cursor selecting one.

Mix and match your enrollment processes

We offer automatic or manual enrollment options for your courses, instructor-led training sessions, and learning plans.

We offer automatic or manual enrollment options for your courses, instructor-led training sessions, and learning plans.

Explore our training enrollment options...Explore our training enrollment options...
Quickly enroll individual learners manually

Managers and instructors can manually enroll specific learners into a course. For example, when only a few learners from a group need the course or when a learner registers for an instructor-led session last minute.

A list of courses and a list of learners, with an "Enroll" button beneath the learner list.
Automatically enroll batches of learners into the courses and sessions they need

Save time by automatically enrolling a group of learners into a course, learning plan, or instructor-led session. Learners are also automatically re-enrolled into training when their certification expires.

SmarterU’s enrollment queue, with one learner highlighted and a screenshot of her profile located beneath the interface.
Configure self-enrollment on specific courses, sessions, and learning plans to let learners identify their own training needs

Your managers and instructors can encourage self-directed learning by allowing self-enrollment in their courses and sessions. This feature is also helpful for elective courses in a training module.

Smiling man next to a mock-up of SmarterU’s course catalog.
If there's a change to your training plan or learner list, it’s easy to make adjustments

Quickly unenroll individual learners or groups of learners from a course or instructor-led session when there is a change, such as a course cancelation or if a learner no longer works at your organization.

Three screenshots of SmarterU’s interface: A list of learners , SmarterU’s “Batch Unenroll” option, and user filters.

Experience training enrollment freedom

Talk to our learning solutions experts to find out how SmarterU LMS gives you the choice to match your learner enrollment process with your course objectives.

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Enhance your training with data-driven insights

Develop your strategy based on learner-focused metrics and make a fantastic training experience even better!
Thoughtful-looking person standing next to a mock-up of a post-course evaluation survey.

Let your learners tell you what they need to succeed

Measure learner satisfaction, analyze your content, and gain insights into your training program.

As your training program evolves, you may need to make new decisions about how you can enhance your team’s eLearning experience. SmarterU LMS can ease this process by helping you collect and uncover learner data to make informed decisions.

After each course, you can automatically prompt learners to fill out a course evaluation survey that asks them how they felt about your content.


Calculate your training ROI

Make informed business decisions using detailed records of the cost of your training program.
Smiling woman in a suit next to a mock-up of SmarterU’s training cost report grid.

Manage how much you invest in your program

You have the option to track the cost of training in your LMS. Simply input any training expenses, and your LMS runs the calculations.

SmarterU’s training cost report breaks down your data in a manner that your financial team will appreciate. Keep your training program’s financial details secure by limiting access to these reports to trusted parties.

Find out how to calculate your training ROI...Find out how to calculate your training ROI...
Track all your training costs
Stay aware of what you spend your training budget on with SmarterU’s specific cost tracking.

Wages: Track and update learner wages per hour of training and instructor wages per session or training hour. As wages change, SmarterU automatically considers each learner’s wage when they attended or completed their training.

Venues: If you hold in-person training, you can track the costs associated with the venue.

Other costs: Any miscellaneous costs, such as equipment, catering, or anything else, can be added to each session and calculated in your training cost report within our LMS.

Fictional user profile with a listing of wage information, next to there SmarterU's add/edit wage window.
View your total training cost
See a summarized report of how much you spend on your eLearning program.

After entering your training costs, our training cost report will automatically calculate the total. So, you can quickly add your training cost to your organization’s budget.

Training cost report grid beneath a mock up of the report filter window.
Use business intelligence
Transfer SmarterU’s training cost data to your organization’s business intelligence tool and add it to your financial reports.

We can transfer data from your LMS into your server so you can add your training costs to any reports that you created using your BI (business intelligence) tool of choice.

SmarterU’s training cost report grid connected to a mock up of an external business intelligence tool.

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Your training managers will love hosting your program on SmarterU!

We’re confident that your training managers will find success by delivering eLearning on our LMS. Hear from a few of the organizations that enjoy using SmarterU.

We are happy to have selected SmarterU as our LMS. It offers a wide range of features to meet our organization’s needs. As our training program continues to grow, I’m confident SmarterU will provide the functionality and flexibility needed to expand our offerings.

Angela K.

City of Carrollton

I’ve  said it before, but I will say it again, there has not been one time that I second guessed my decision to go with SmarterU LMS. It has been a great experience.

Michelle T.
American Pacific Mortgage

“I enjoy using SmarterU because it has helped us scale our training to help more of our clients.”

Marc P.
Applied Systems Canada

“These guys have been great to work with! Actually exceeded my expectations with their personalized service. They have a great team and great product! I would definitely recommend their business to anyone who is looking for an online training company.”

Kim H.
Pizza Delight (Imvesor)