What are interactivity levels?

Our Custom Learning team offers three levels of eLearning interactivity. From the simplest at Level 1, to the most complex at Level 3, there are eLearning interactivities to suit every learning need and budget. Use the chart below to compare and contrast the differences between each eLearning interactivity level.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Learning Goal Focus
Introducing core knowledge concepts such as passing information to the learners using mostly linear navigation with limited interactive elements.
Supporting learners in more complex learning objectives including helping them analyze and apply what they have learned.
Providing learners custom or gamified learning experiences to support learning outcomes such as evaluating, problem solving, decision making and creating.
Basic design including standard layouts and visuals with static images and basic infographics.
Custom designs with varied standard layouts, animations, and more complex interactions.
Completely custom design and learner experience tailored to the learner needs and desired outcomes.
Basic interactions including simple click to explore elements, true/false, multiple choice, and multiple select questions.
More complex interactions such as timelines, sliders, hotspots, interactive images and videos, matching activities, and simple scenarios.
Custom layouts, images, and interactions such as complex branched scenarios, software simulations, and gamified experiences.
Usage Examples
Courses delivering general awareness such as policy updates or regulations.
eLearning activities requiring practice to internalize concepts such as process or soft skills training.
Immersive experiences such as virtual field trips, mission simulations, and creative problem-solving training that foster deeper understanding and provide real-world applications of the materials.
This level risks feeling like eTextbooks if relying on lengthy readings.
Consider Level 2 or 3 for enhanced interactivity for lengthy or higher level learning outcomes.
Keep interactions focused and as intentional supports for learning outcomes.
Unnecessary interactivity may be too high-tech or mentally taxing for some audiences.
This level of customization requires more effort and resources, and meeting accessibility guidelines may prove more challenging to achieve.

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