What are animated explainer videos?

Animated explainer videos can range from a simple narrated image collage, to gifs and complex custom animated videos that explore specific topics.

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Animated Explainer Videos: Interactivity Level 1

At level one, your animated explainer video uses simple transitions and images including text reinforcements of the narration to walk learners through larger ideas and content.

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Animated Explainer Videos: Interactivity Level 2

At level two, your animated explainer video is created with specialty software to create custom characters that interact, talk to the learner, and help them understand complex ideas or demonstrate scenarios they need to practice for learning.

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Animated Explainer Videos: Interactivity Level 3

At level three, your animated explainer video is entirely custom. It can be adopted to your organization’s brand and style and include more complex and custom animations to bring the story to life for your learners.

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Considerations for animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are a good alternative to explore if filming live footage is not an option. However, complex animations that require custom resources (scripts, characters, backgrounds, voiceovers, music, and audio effects) can be time-consuming to produce.

Consider breaking large amounts of content into smaller explainer videos, or “episodes,” as learners can get distracted or bored if they think a video is too long.

Animated explainer videos can also be slow to load if they have a large file size, and it may hinder performance by rendering poorly on low bandwidth connection. The higher the definition, the slower the loading.

Quality, not quantity – invest in creating resources that add value for your learners. This maybe should be more about the fact that over-use/incorrect use of animations can be damaging to the course/experience

Use animated explainer videos with intention – if the whole course is presented as an animated explainer video, learners may simply let it play and completely disengage while still "completing" the course.

Timing matters – animated explainer videos should be neither too fast nor too slow.

Delivery always needs to fit with desired outcomes and learning objectives.

Learning Benefits

Help your learners consume a lot of information in a short amount of time
Grab attention with eye-catching visuals
Make instructional material relatable and relevant through well-written storytelling

Usage Examples & Tips

Short explainer videos used to introduce and explain a process, concept, or solution (like whiteboard animation videos)
Scenarios and simulations that incorporate branching functionality and decision-making
Step-by-step “How-To” videos that demonstrate how to make or do an activity (like a home renovation video detailing how to prepare drywall for painting)

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