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SmarterU: Enterprise LMS

What can our SmarterU LMS do for your organization?

Your LMS is the heart of your online training program. It can be more than that — your SmarterU LMS will integrate eLearning with virtual and face-to-face training as well as with a broader talent management ecosystem. It provides an outstanding learner experience — and eliminates much of the stress of training administration.  

SmarterU LMS: Training with an LMS made powerful

Training shouldn't be painful but instead, a positive experience. Transform your training pain into training potential with SmarterU LMS.

For training admins, SmarterU delivers automation, easy integrations, and world-class support.
For learners, SmarterU delivers engaging cross-platform training experiences.
For everyone, SmarterU delivers effective training — along with the at-a-glance analytics to demonstrate ROI.

Everyone benefits when you harness the power of SmarterU LMS.

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Modern digital learners are constantly learning. LMS-based eLearning is only a small piece of the learner experience.

Add to that in-person and virtual instructor-led training, on-demand and self-directed learning … SmarterU integrates all these experiences into a coherent and engaging learner experience:

Single sign-on to all learning experiences
Customized landing pages provide easy navigation and access to information
Integration with virtual classroom platforms
Mobile apps provide access to training everywhere
Tracking of mobile and microlearning activities, as well as instructor-led training, ensures learners’ records are complete
Learners can easily see their progress, what training they have to do, their deadlines, and their completions and test scores

SmarterU’s integrations and automation features make the training administrators’ job easy by eliminating common bottlenecks and frustrations:

Automated enrollments and reminders mean no more chasing learners to get them to sign up for and do their annual training
Learner groups and learning plans make delivering training to cohorts of employees, work groups, or learners with the same job role smooth and easy
Batch action updates mean it’s quick and easy to update learner records for onboarding and compliance training
Automated reports gather and deliver status and progress information to managers (or learners)
Integrations with HRIS, talent management, and other employee record stores mean you only enter data once and it’s always in sync

SmarterU easily becomes the centerpiece of a coherent, integrated online training and talent management ecosystem. It easily integrates with:

Industry-leading eLearning authoring tools, microlearning platforms, video content, and more
Mobile apps to easily deliver training content to on-the-go modern learners
HRIS and talent management systems, ensuring that employee training and certification records are accurately recorded and up-to-date
Your LRS, to ease tracking of learning activities that occur outside the LMS
Social, collaborative, and virtual platforms to extend, track, and capture data about all kinds of learning activity
Additional components of your online training and talent management universe, such as an eCommerce platform or test proctoring system

SmarterU is a full-featured, robust LMS that offers exceptional performance and integrations. The icing on the cake, though, is the exceptional support our customers receive.

Outstanding customer support starts with a guided implementation, where a dedicated manager ensures a smooth transition to the SmarterU LMS. We’ll migrate courses and content, sync user records, train your admins, and more.

The launch of your new LMS marks the transition into a long-term support relationship. We’re always there for you, with lightning-fast response to  issues that arise to ongoing support, growth, and service upgrades and enhancements.

New content starts here

SmarterU’s Course Builder is a one-stop shop for easy authoring of complete eLearning courses. You can include games, graphics, activities, and quizzes and exams.

No programming skills required! It’s easy to jump right in and start creating your own fantastic online training courses even if you have no specialized skills or programming background. Create effective and engaging eLearning content, divided into chapters or sections and enhanced with graphics, videos, links, tables, and more to extend learning and draw learners in for deeper study.

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Need specialized content but nervous about creating online training?

Contact us today! SmarterU LMS is far more than a management system. Easily create your own content with Course Builder.

Import exceptional SCORM, AICC, or xAPI courses

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Thousands of courses and libraries exist with content on anything from providing better feedback to learning how to create pivot tables in Excel. SmarterU can guide you to high-quality vetted courses on the topics your learners need.

SmarterU is compatible with content that meets any — or all — of the common eLearning standards: SCORM, AICC, and xAPI. 

That gives you enormous flexibility in choosing online training content that will work for your learners and improve your training outcomes.

Save time and money — while providing world-class eLearning content. SmarterU’s easy content import and robust analytics and tracking move you closer to your training and business goals every day.

Screenshot of the SellerCloud SCORM course created by Flare LearningCourse screenshot
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Create outstanding blended learning experiences

Online training is a key element of your talent development strategy — but it works together with face-to-face and virtual instructor-led training. SmarterU empowers cohesive blended learning solutions.

Manage instructor-led training, whether in person or virtual, and ensure that learners’ participation and progress is recorded. SmarterU easily handles registration and waiting lists, reminders to learners, and updates about schedule changes for training, whether it’s a class, a webinar, or a conference call. 

Build institutional memory and empower learners with SmarterU’s Knowledge Base 

Learning occurs everywhere.

A knowledge base is the ideal repository for all of your institutional knowledge. Store documents and other resources. Create a filing system and empower self-directed learning in your organization.

Store documents, links, videos, charts, and more. Content is organized according to a system you design, and easily searchable.
Providing learners with vast resources that are vetted and up-to-date aligns their self-directed learning with your organization’s goals and needs.
Easy access to in-house and vetted external resources empowers all employees to find the information they need — without tracking down the one SME who can solve their problem.
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Industry-leading support

No other LMS client success team supports their users the way our Success Desk™ does.

When you become a SmarterU LMS client, you'll be treated like a VIP. We make sure you have the tools you need for your training program to become a success.

Access to self-serve help system, videos, webinars, and SmarterU Academy courses
1:1 LMS administration coaching calls and onboarding programs
Support delivered your way with email, phone, live chat, and 24/7 options

SmarterU LMS, our enterprise training software, delivers everything you need to provide outstanding learning experiences.

Unify your training strategy, eliminate administration training pain points, and deliver your training online through the powerful, intuitive LMS solution.

Deploying enterprise-level online training and fully featured eLearning software has never been easier. Our legendary support team guides you through the smallest tasks and solves your toughest training challenges.

Explore our Success Stories to learn more:

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It’s been an awesome, awesome experience over the last 2 years … The Admin Services team demonstrates to me that, even if I am one of thousands of clients, I’m getting a very personal experience, as if I was the only client. I don’t think that I can say that I have had a similar experience with other providers. It’s really top-notch!

Cal R.


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We’re Corporate Vision’s 2020 best online training software company
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