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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?
Scenario A: Lacking the Training

You’re a company that has a small team or individual “in charge” of training, but you don’t necessarily have formal training in the learning and development field.

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Scenario B: Making the Move

You’ve been doing in-person training for years and would like to move to online training, but aren’t sure where — or how to — start.

Scenario C: Determining the Value

Your organization has been conducting training online for a while through an LMS, but you don’t know what sort of value or impact it has.

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Scenario D: Getting the Edge

You're a full-stack HR department, but you’re always looking for an edge — the next best thing is to continue pushing your team’s talent to new heights.

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What’s a Smart Company Audit?

We’ll take you through a discovery process to unearth where your strengths lie, identify areas that would benefit from improvement, and discover opportunities to do more and reach farther. The guided process will result in recommendations for evolving your eLearning ecosystem through new technologies or innovative strategies like everboarding and gamified microlearning.

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