Packaged Course Libraries Make General Training a Breeze

There’s no need to invest in custom training on general business topics and common skills. We’ll help you identify the best packaged course libraries on the market — and ensure that your learners have smooth, easy access to top-quality online training content.

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Save time and money by including vetted content on the business topics your learners need in your complete online training solution.

We have thousands of vetted content packages, including video libraries and online training courses on common training topics: 

Power skills like conflict resolution, negotiating, or improving team communication
Mastering common software packages, like MS Office and Google Apps 
HR compliance, hiring and recruiting, and preventing discrimination
IT skills, such as cybersecurity, data storage and management, or training for professional certifications
Marketing, SEO, and sales skills
Much more!
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Curious how our training solutions provide help via packaged course libraries? We share our insights in our success stories!

So much content, so little time

We’ve reviewed and analyzed hundreds of content libraries and packages. Our team is uniquely prepared to recommend a library or content from a combination of vendors tailored to your precise needs. We’ll help you find and license the content most suited to your training needs — and at the most advantageous price!

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As we continued to grow in both size of our company and effective usage of SmarterU, we needed to rely on assistance from the SmarterU team. This is when we realized we were not just a customer, but instead, a partner. Over time, we expanded our relationship with SmarterU and have signed up for more services within the Neovation suite of products.

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