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An integrated training ecosystem will boost your training outcomes

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Painless, efficient training administration, with learner and employee records synced across your talent management ecosystem

Imagine an LMS that easily integrates with other components of your talent management and eLearning programs. Automation that makes learner enrollment and tracking a breeze. Single sign-on, automated reminders, secure exams …. Let us build and support your integrated training ecosystem.

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Is your small L&D department struggling to manage the seemingly endless flow of course enrollments, content updates, tracking reports — and annual compliance training rollouts on top of all of that? We can help.

Whether we guide you to a more automated workflow or step in to provide managed administration services, our team can lighten the load and ensure that your training administration is smooth and efficient. 

Whether you need to update a comprehensive training course, alter and insert thousands of images, or coordinate a massive software update, call on the experts to lend a hand.

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LMS administration

Expert training administration is essential ensuring the smooth flow of training materials to your learners; our Admin Services team guides your LMS launch and will keep things humming to provide a stellar learning experience.

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We provide a dedicated Administrator to identify your LMS challenges, goals, and objectives — and develop and implement a plan that ensures you achieve them. The Admin Services team will:

Provide ongoing lead administrator function
Advise and guide you through defining and accomplishing new objectives
Train your lead admin, core training team, and  specific users to complete required tasks 
Prescribe solutions and execute most admin tasks 
Enable your team to maximize features and achieve efficient training delivery and administration across the organization
Deliver and discuss a quarterly analytics report that includes an overview of your account

Workflow automation

Let us analyze your workflows — and guide you through automation of essential, but time-consuming, admin tasks. From SSO to automated enrollments and reminders, we can boost your efficiency with workflow automation. We’ll take an ecosystem-level view, automating synchronization of learner data across HRIS, talent development, LRS, LMS, and more — ensuring that learners’ records are always current and their certifications and coursework are recorded accurately. Our team can even help you automate management of webinars, virtual classroom training, remote test proctoring, and more.

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As we continued to grow in both size of our company and effective usage of SmarterU, we needed to rely on assistance from the SmarterU team. This is when we realized we were not just a customer, but instead, a partner. Over time, we expanded our relationship with SmarterU and have signed up for more services within the Neovation suite of products.

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