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The story behind CWB’s eLearning project

When you mention “payment protection insurance training” to someone, they might be intimidated. However, one of the many strengths of CWB National Leasing is bringing complex subjects to life in a friendly, engaging manner. So, when CWB was searching for an eLearning content partner, they knew they had to find an instructional design company that shared the same values.

Flare Learning took CWB’s “friendly illustration artwork” concept to heart when creating its training course design. Across all modules, you’ll find splashes of the brand’s personality and unique design touches that facilitate a pleasant learner experience.

Key takeaways from CWB training program

  • The CWB National Leasing course is 5 modules and is provided to both internal and external learners.
  • A new, intuitive course design with relevant interactivity was required and followed the provided CWB National Leasing branding and guidelines.
  • No instructional design services or subject matter expert interviews were required.
  • Modules were created using content supplied by CWB.
  • The modules needed to be compatible across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
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Project Goals

Unique Challenges

The complexity of storyboards required to develop the interactivities and resources for the bilingual (English and French) course offerings were best supported through an extended content review cycle.

The Final Result

The CWB National Leasing Payment Protection Insurance Training Program is a 5-module series that provides both internal and external learners with information about product details, benefits and considerations of leasing, and marketing materials. The eLearning development process included all interactivities and slides to feature bilingual content (in English and French).

The course features a number of interactive features, including gamification, and graded assessments comprised of a mix of true or false and multiple-choice questions. There was also attentiveness to the training modules’ compatibility across all device types – mobile, tablet, and desktop.

CWB National Leasing was very happy throughout the project, and our design team's small extra additions to the course made the development process a pleasant experience.

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