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The story behind the LGCA “Smart Choices” eLearning courses

To promote the safe and responsible sale of cannabis in the province The Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba has introduced the Smart Choices Cannabis Retail Certification program. The program focuses on legal and safety obligations, such as checking IDs, not serving intoxicated people, and dealing with workplace safety and security risks.

The 4-course certification program features a modern, engaging design that includes AI personalities to guide learners through the content, full narration, and hundreds of images and music. Each course features an immersive 360° image environment that allows learners to freely explore the topics in their chosen order. Successful completion of the program earns learners the Smart Choices Cannabis Retail certification.

Various interactive activities, animations, tabbed interactions, and Smart Choices Cannabis icons provide engaging interactivity, reveal additional information, and link to external resources. At the end of the certification training, learners receive a final quiz, which includes multiple-choice, multi-select, true or false, and fill-in-the-blank questions.

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Key takeaways from the LGCA “Smart Choices” training modules

The “Smart Choices” training certification courses transform the learner experience and provide a more immersive and interactive experience than traditional training programs. One of the unique aspects of this eLearning program is the ability for learners to self-enroll and self-study at their own pace. The course also uses multiple AI voices and avatars as guides, which adds a personal touch to the learning experience and helps learners stay engaged throughout the program.

Throughout the course, learners respond to a series of knowledge checks designed to increase learner confidence and gauge the overall effectiveness of the training. At the end of every module, learners also complete an automatically graded practice quiz to help prepare them for the final certification quiz.

Video-based scenarios are used throughout the course to depict safety and security risks in an establishment and ask learners to decide the correct course of action in each situation. This helps learners develop critical thinking skills and make informed decisions in real-world situations.

By completing this course, learners will understand the legal requirements of selling cannabis and establish consistent social responsibility standards for licensed cannabis stores across Manitoba. They will also learn how to identify and refuse sales to intoxicated and underage persons, increasing public safety.

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Project Goals

  • Increase public safety in licensed cannabis stores across Manitoba
  • Provide education on legal requirements and safety obligations for selling cannabis
  • Establish consistent social responsibility standards for licensed cannabis stores
  • Educate retailers and staff on how to identify and refuse sales to intoxicated and underage persons
  • Improve learner confidence and effectiveness through interactive knowledge checks and quizzes

Unique Challenges

  • Creating engaging and interactive content that accurately conveys legal requirements and safety protocols for cannabis retail stores
  • Designing the course to appeal to a diverse audience with varying levels of experience and knowledge
  • Incorporating technology such as AI and 3D images while ensuring that the course runs smoothly and is easy to navigate

The Final Result

The resulting LGCA Smart Choices Cannabis Retail Certification course is a comprehensive eLearning program that uses engaging and interactive techniques to teach retail employees about the legal requirements of selling cannabis and how to identify and refuse sales to intoxicated and underage customers. As learners work through the certification modules, multiple AI voices and avatars guide them through the content and create a personalized learning experience. The course seamlessly combines audio FX, immersive 360° image environments, video-based scenarios, timelines, and knowledge checks. By completing the course, learners will earn a Smart Choices Cannabis Retail certification which will help increase safety among their coworkers and the general public.

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