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Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs (OFATV)

OFATV’s “RideON” eLearning program prepares young people for a safe and enjoyable experience on Ontario’s trails.
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The story behind the “RideON” eLearning course

ATV riding is becoming increasingly popular among young riders. Despite the increased popularity of this recreational activity, OFATV prioritizes riders' safety. The primary form of OFATV’s safety training was in-person with large groups. However, in-person training is difficult to access in a province as large as Ontario.

They realized they could reach thousands of young riders through an online course but needed the right partner with eLearning expertise to tailor the content for a young audience of 12 to 15-year-olds. Their goal was to create engaging content to ensure critical safety information retention. That’s where Neovation stepped in, applying their methodical, creative, and practical approach to eLearning development steeped in instructional design principles. 

Neovation worked closely with OFATV and its partners to develop the OFATV “RideON” course with a high level of interactivity and engagement. The course takes place on a virtual trail and includes various important elements, including mechanical features, maintenance and accident prevention tips, safety and environmental considerations, and trail etiquette. At the end of the 2-hour course, learners participate in a simulated module that emulates an ATV ride down a virtual trail, synthesizing all the skills they learned. 

Key takeaways from the OFATV eLearning project

  • Six Interactive Modules: The modules touched many aspects of ATV riding, including safety, environmental stewardship, trail etiquette, riding skills, techniques, and ATV mechanics.
  • Trail Badges: Learners earn "trail badges" upon completing each module, adding a gamification element to the training.
  • Simulated ATV Ride: The final activity is a simulated ATV ride that reinforces learned skills in a virtual environment.
  • Collaborative Development: The course demonstrated effective collaboration and commitment between the OFATV teams, stakeholders, and Neovation’s Custom Learning team.
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Project Goals

To provide interactive and engaging training for youth and teenagers eager to start riding ATVs while ensuring that the training meets all legislative requirements in Ontario.

Unique Challenges

Making safety and legislative ATV training into an eLearning course that captivates attention and continues to engage while ensuring training is retained well after the course is complete for a young audience of 12 to 15-year-olds.

The Final Result

The course is a 2-hour, 6-module program designed like a trail to emulate being out in the field. Enhancements to the audio design help instill realism and authenticity in the courses’ visual effects. The course features several interactive elements, like hotspots, questions, and drag-and-drop activities, and offers the element of gamification through badges and more. 

The response to the course was overwhelmingly positive. OFATV can now reach thousands of young people with critical safety information on a scale previously unattainable.

The OFATV team was thrilled to work with Neovation throughout the process. They appreciated our instructional design team's practical approach and ability to ensure that the content met the goal of creating engaging training tailored to a young audience.

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