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Flare Learning: Custom Learning Experiences

Let Flare Learning illuminate your online training!  

We will engage your experts and uncover the stories they have to tell about your products and services. Our expert instructional designers will weave the content into a story that entices your learners. Next, our skilled graphics and development teams will enhance and extend the content with graphics, animations, video, and more. The end result? A magical learning experience that will launch your training outcomes to untold heights.

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Your vision: Gorgeous, engaging — yet cost-effective — online training that drives performance, boosts KPIs, and changes behavior, while producing measurable results. 

Our all-star team will make your vision a reality.

Our team is 100% focused on solving your online training challenges. We meet you where you are:

Whether your almost-complete content needs minor revisions and polishes … or your ideas are collected on scraps of paper in a shoebox, we can help. We’ll add that extra something that makes the content sparkle or build storyboards that turn your ideas into coherent modules, courses, simulations, animations, and more.

Instructional designers understand how adults learn and use principles of cognitive science to enhance learning and retention.

Our team will draw out the key concepts, processes, and ideas that your experts know intimately. They will apply their own expertise to identifying the best formats and media to teach the material. They will design comprehensive interactive learning materials that support deep learning and retention — and provide assessment tools to measure your learners’ progress.

Fact-dense content can overwhelm learners. Too many text-filled screens or slides can too.

Our instructional design and content creation pros dig into all that info to find the stories. They add sparkle with interactivities that challenge learners and hold their attention. Pulling from broad and deep experience, the content team will strike the right balance of multimedia content, activities, and knowledge checks to ensure learners engage, learn, master, and remember.

From custom branding and templates to keen quality control, our team turns out polished products.

A project manager oversees every step of the way and ensures that you are in control throughout the course development journey. As your single point of contact, your project manager provides the information and answers you need while keeping your project on time and within budget.

When all of your employees need to adjust to a new software package or significant changes in the way you work, productivity can really suffer.

 Let our team create software demos, guided tours, and focused training for employees in different job roles. We’ll get your entire team up to speed in no time!

Any complex software package has a learning curve. If your learners are frequently seeking guidance — or your customers are calling on your sales or support experts with the same questions — we can provide a solution.

Our team will build a knowledge base. We’ll address the most frequently asked questions and provide online help, training videos, diagrams — any collateral and resources that will empower your learners and users to problem-solve. Supporting their self-directed learning with an easy-to-access, searchable knowledge base will lighten the load on your team while boosting learner or customer satisfaction and performance.

From learning analysis to learning measurement … And everything in between

Whether you need a little assistance or an ongoing partner in achieving your eLearning goals, Flare Learning will make your online training shine.

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In addition to all aspects of the design and development of eLearning products, our palette of services includes:

Learning analysis

Find out what learners care about, what’s working, and where you can make improvements to boost the impact of your online training.

Learning analytics & measurement

Our online training solutions include assessment and measurement tools so you can gather the analytics you need to show ROI, improve your training outcomes, and reach your goals.

Alignment with business goals

Ensure that your online training program aligns with the KPIs you most want to improve.

 eLearning consulting

If your online training is missing its targets or you need some help with a specific piece of your eLearning strategy, our consultants are there to help.

On-demand or continuously, we’ll guide, assist, and deliver the products you need.

Let the dream team turn your training vision into reality

Contact us today to find out how we can illuminate your training!

Get the creative juices flowing

Our creative team illuminates your content. Whether it’s complex or technical, fact-dense or highly visual, we will identify the right media and approaches to turn your content into extraordinary online training experiences.

We’ve got all aspects of eLearning design and development covered:

Content writing

With deep experience spanning a wide variety of industries, our content writers excel at turning instructional content into sparkling narrative, engaging scenarios, and scripts for videos or animations.

Video production

Embedded videos, interactive videos, microlearning videos, even animated videos, our team does it all. We can even bring in professional narration to enhance your video content. 

Experiential learning

From branching scenarios to simulations, our team can create simulations that allow your learners to virtually build equipment, try out software, and more.

Translation and localization

If your business spans the globe or your learners are multicultural, fear not! We can translate and localize your content so that all learners can access and understand your content, whatever their native tongue.

Screenshot of the California Closets SCORM course created by Flare LearningScreenshot of the California Closets SCORM course created by Flare Learning

We’ll manage the project; You’ll control the outcomes.

Managing a large online training project takes a significant investment of time and close attention to detail. If you’re reluctant to hand over the reins, rest assured: You retain full control over the outcomes, while we support you through the entire process.

Your dedicated project manager serves as your single point of contact and support. They:

Ensure that all team members know their roles

Identify and track goals and progress
Implement timely and effective communication
Guide projects through key milestones using proven eLearning development models, such as ADDIE and SAM

Translated into day-to-day guidance, that means the project manager schedules and facilitates regular meetings and check-in calls, ensures adherence to budgets and timelines, and addresses any questions or concerns you have along the way. 

Flare Learning creates extraordinary eLearning experiences that shape the way online training is performed by our clients

At the heart of the visually stunning, engaging, custom-built training content we create are the business goals it will achieve and training ROI you will achieve.

Produce training programs that are more than visual masterpieces — they are tailor-made for your organization, designed to improve employee performance and to meet your desired training outcomes. Our team of learning & development experts is ready to guide your training initiative to spectacular success.

Explore our course samples to learn more:

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