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On-Demand Knowledge

Busy employees favor self-directed learning. Provide high-quality on-demand resources to meet their needs without interrupting their workflow.

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Self-directed learning is most employees’ go-to choice — but you want them to have high-quality, accurate information. We can help!

We’ll create on-demand, mobile-first or mobile-friendly online training materials to meet all of your learners’ needs, whether they are on the go, deskless retail or warehouse workers, sales professionals, or busy office employees, we will provide tools that answer their questions and solve their problems.

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We’ll create quick-reference guides, process diagrams, searchable microlearning, short videos — and much more.

We’ll work with you to identify the media format and approach to best meet your employees’ in-the-workflow information needs.

We throw a lot of information at our employees, especially during onboarding.

But all employees have tasks that they rarely do. They might need a quick refresher when the time rolls around to do annual review forms, for example. An in-depth training is overkill. Provide accessible, searchable on-demand resources like knowledge bases, reference guides, and checklists to solve problems in the moment.

Not everything your employees find on the internet will be accurate, up-to-date, or in alignment with your organization’s way of doing things.

Rather than send employees to the internet for their self-directed learning and problem-solving, provide accurate, high-quality resources. A knowledge base, a microlearning-based performance support tool, or a library of short videos are just a few options!

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Knowledge base

Pull together all of your resources and company knowledge in a single, easy-to-search online location.

Putting institutional knowledge at  your employees’ fingertips improves their performance and efficiency. A training course is not always the best solution. Empower self-directed learning and problem solving with a curated knowledge base that includes up-to-date information on processes, tools, services, products, and more. Learners will quickly find the information they need and remain focused on the task at hand.

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Micro knowledge

Versatile microlearning can provide both training reinforcement and performance support. Searchable content makes it easy for employees to look up what they need to know, find answers to questions — and get back to work. 

Interactive activities reinforce training, teach new content, and challenge learners to apply what they know, building their skills. Available on demand on their favorite mobile device, microlearning is an ideal solution for busy learners.

Help systems

For in-house use or to guide your customers in using your software products, our online help systems are thorough and user-friendly.

You might use a complex, customized software system for inventory, orders, appointment, or sales and marketing — and have dozens or even hundreds of employees who need to use it every day. Or your main product might be a software package with a learning curve. Whether your learners are customers or your employees, guiding them to proficiency quickly and painlessly is our goal. We’ll create a thorough, user-friendly help system that learners will love. 

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SmarterU is a great product, an ever-evolving yet stable & reliable platform from which we deliver our training to a global audience. All backed up by helpful, knowledgeable support when we need it.

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