DEI, Reconciliation, and ESG Statement

Please read our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Reconciliation, and Environmental, Social, & Governance statement to get a clear understanding of how we embrace these polices at Neovation.
Last updated: January 30, 2024

Neovation’s mission is to be your organization’s most trusted partner for accelerating success through improved online training, learner engagement, and knowledge operations. In the execution of that mission, we try to embrace Reconciliation, promote diversity, encourage inclusion, and incorporate ESG policies, as we believe in building a better, more equitable, and sustainable society for all.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

50% of our leaders are female, reflecting that half of our 70+ person team identifies as female
More than 5% of our team identifies as non-cis-gendered or non-straight
More than 40% of our team identifies as a minority, including our Founder & CEO
We provide a number of paid days off (“Flex-days”) in addition to vacation allotments that can be used for the celebration of religious holidays or cultural events not included in statutory holiday legislation.
We support and accommodate several team members with varying levels of visible and invisible physical disabilities, with specialized keyboards, computer mice, trackballs, etc.
Our office is wheelchair accessible, with adequate parking for Handi-Transit vehicles
We encourage participation in team-lead social events, of which some include opportunities for team members to present food, holidays, and customs specific to their culture. This helps in breaking down barriers and promoting cultural awareness
Our team focuses on how we can improve the accessibility of our software platforms as we evolve our offerings. We started placing articles in our Learning Hub that focus on accessibility in the eLearning ecosystem


10% of our leadership is Indigenous, and several members of our team have family members that were victims of the Residential School System. We acknowledge their generational trauma
We provide territory acknowledgments at every event, read by volunteers from within the team
We experience a moment of silence in remembrance of the lives lost in residential schools during an all-hands meeting leading up to the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
Each year, to help promote and participate in the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, the team collaborates to identify and donate to worthy causes, raise money and donate to those causes as a way to learn about aspects of indigenous people’s history, such as the residential school's tragedy

Environmental, Social & Governance

Environmental Actions

We are a paperless operation
We are a remote team that reduces our carbon footprint
We actively recycle within our office and dispose of our technical components through an eWaste program to have them refurbished or recycled
We re-evaluate our hardware technology annually, and replace older units with current technology, in part to take advantage of any improved power-management capabilities 
We only use energy-efficient data centers that are 3x- 4x more energy efficient than the median of US enterprise data centers and are committed to fully 100% renewable energy by 2025
We are signatories of the Climate Action Pledge, and one of our leadership team members is a Founding board member of Biz For Climate, the organization behind the pledge

Supporting Our Business & eLearning Community

We provide a great deal of support to young entrepreneurs, through our participation in the North Forge board, speaking at various educational and skills-building programs, acting as a mentor for PTEC, and participating in Rampup Weekend
We sponsor and participate in local high-school level education extracurricular programming
One of our leadership team is on the advisory board of our local Polytechnic
Several team members are active speakers and workshop presenters to the greater business community, and business students, with current and previous engagements at Red River College, The Asper School of Business, The Winnipeg World Trade Center, and other educational events that promote skill-building in our areas of expertise
One of our leadership team members is a past and current board member of various eLearning organizations

Supporting our Greater Community

As a team, we donate individually and as a company to  supply our local Christmas Cheer board with a hamper donation targeted at larger families
Members of our team have volunteered for organizations like Habitat for Humanity,  animal rescue, Siloam Mission, and Pride, to name but a few. We allow a fixed number of  paid days off (Flex-days) outside of our vacation allotments that can be used for volunteering commitments if the team member so chooses
We routinely raise money for disasters and large-scale events, such as the flooding in Pakistan, the War in Ukraine, and the hurricane in Haiti, as examples of some of our larger donation campaigns
We allow our team members to convert their training reward points into micro-donations to registered charitable organizations of their choice. Points are earned through a variety of internal activities including ongoing training engagement


For any questions about the above, or other related topics, please contact:
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Tracy Martin
Leader, People & Culture Group
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