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Conversations with Manitoba Businesses: Innovation Series

A podcast interview with Dan Belhassen

Dan discusses how Neovation helps organizations create and deliver training to their employees, with emphasis on how OttoLean and microlearning lead to effective long-term retention. Hosted by Mariette Mulaire and Joelle Foster.

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The business case for microlearning

A Video podcast interview with Dan Belhassen

Dan discusses how microlearning is affecting the face of corporate training on an episode of Quicksilver: A Behind the Scenes Look at The eLearning Alchemist Podcast with host Clint Clarkson.

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Dan Belhassen
Founder & CEO of Neovation

Microlearning visionary and eLearning thought-leader, Dan loves to share his enthusiasm for how effective training can transform organizations and improve learner outcomes.

Dan’s ability to demystify complicated topics is his secret weapon when speaking to both tech and non-tech audiences.

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Thought Leader

Dan is a contributing author & thought expert at the OttoLearn blog and in these whitepapers:

Cover of the eLearning Guild's "Creating Compliance Training Learners will Love" paperCover of the eLearning Guild's "The State of Microlearning" paperCover of the eLearning Guild's "How to Quantify the ROI of Learning in Your Organization" paperThe cover for Neovation's "AI in eLearning 2020" whitepaperThe cover for OttoLearn's "5 Signs You Need Agile Microlearning" whitepaperThe cover for OttoLearn's "The Case for Agile Microlearning" whitepaperThe cover for OttoLearn's "The Cognitive Science Behind OttoLearn" whitepaperThe cover for OttoLearn's "Creating Effective Content" guideThe cover for OttoLearn's "Gamifying Microlearning ... Without the Games" whitepaperCover of the eLearning Guild's "Microlearning Platform Buyers Guide".The cover for OttoLearn's "Top 10 Reasons to Choose OttoLearn as Your Mastery & Retention Platform" whitepaperThe cover for the "OttoLearn Implementation" guide

Neovation President, Dan Belhassen, discusses the depressing state of online training, and why it's ripe for disruption.

Ripe for Disruption

The Depressing State of Online Learning
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  • Loving your learners
  • Moving to microlearning
  • Calculating training ROI
  • Why training is actually marketing
  • What is "Personalized Learning?"


  • Focus on demystification
  • Fast paced & humorous
  • Engaging
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