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Love our philosophy of learner-centric eLearning? We’d love to keynote or present at your event.

Dan Belhassen
Founder & CEO

Microlearning visionary and eLearning thought-leader, Dan loves to share his enthusiasm for how effective training can transform organizations and improve learner outcomes.

Dan’s ability to demystify complicated topics is his secret weapon when speaking to both tech and non-tech audiences.

Susan Hurrell
Learning Hacker

With over a decade of online marketing experience, Susan has been involved in online learning since 2007.

She brings these two worlds together to share actionable and practical insights into how you can improve your training ROI by leveraging best practices in marketing.

presentation Formats

  • Custom workshops
  • Conference sessions
  • Round table facilitating
  • Keynotes


  • Loving your learners
  • Moving to microlearning
  • Calculating training ROI
  • Why training is actually marketing
  • What is "Personalized Learning?"


  • Focus on demystification
  • Fast paced & humorous
  • Engaging
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