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Whether you need a full-service LMS that integrates with your existing HRIS and talent management systems or a single online training module, let our team serve as your guide.

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As a full-service learning and development consulting and technology company, we understand your training needs from all angles.

Our eLearning platforms — a fully-featured LMS and an industry-leading microlearning platform — and our content strategy, creation, and support professionals will design and implement the online training solution you need.

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Choosing an online training platform is a big decision. It’s expensive, time-consuming — and overwhelmingly confusing. Too often, organizations evaluate training platforms based on feature sets and prices — and very little else. But each organization has different needs and different resources. A checklist of features does not provide the information you need to make the best choice.

We will study your workflows and audit your training needs. We will then help you define the characteristics your online training platform needs — and guide you to the best choice. 

What features does your training platform need? How can you be sure it will fit into your workflows and meet your learners’ needs? Will it grow with you and work for the long term?

If you have a problem or need specialized content or reports, will the vendor be there for you? We can ease your burden. Our extensive experience writing RFPs equips us to home in on the features you need and write the RFP that will lead you to the best online training tools to meet your needs now and well into the future.

Want to learn more about how our training solutions help with training delivery? We share our insights in our success stories!

SmarterU Enterprise LMS

Let us solve your training pain with a learning management system that will integrate your online training. Its built-in course builder simplifies content creation.

Create an outstanding learner experience while eliminating the bottlenecks and repetitive tasks that absorb too much of your administrators’ time. Choose a feature-rich LMS platform that complies with SCORM and xAPI and provides stellar customer support.

Crozdesk 2020 award: Trusted VendorTop 50 Learning System for 2020 awardTop 20 Extended Enterprise LMS award 2019
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OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning platform

Short, relevant & focused, microlearning has captured learners’ attention. Their managers and training admins have noticed too — microlearning is engaging and effective.

Mobile-first microlearning offers on-demand access to the content your learners need, when they need it. The short format and searchable content puts information at learners’ fingertips. And our microlearning platform has a secret superpower: It targets just the right content to each learner to eliminate knowledge gaps and build long-term retention.

CV Magazine award 2019: Most Innovate Microlearning PlatformBest 20 LMS Free Demo award 20192018 Brandon Hall Gold award

Gamified training

Engage learners with meaningful gamification that drives their motivation and build their knowledge retention.

Some gamified training is all about the games. But, even with the appeal of games, these can soon become repetitive or overly simplified. Our approach to gamification is different. With an emphasis on building motivation, our gamified training keeps learners engaged because they're learning and improving their skills, knowledge — and job performance.

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Custom training delivery

Do you have a vision of your organization's eLearning? We can make that vision a reality.

Whether you’re starting with a series of slide decks, an existing face-to-face curriculum, or a shoebox full of notes, we can turn your content into effective, engaging interactive online training. We’ll plan multimedia eLearning that delivers the content you need in a format your learners will love.

We’ll meet your learning needs

From analysis of your learning needs to inventorying your content or from building online training to measuring its effectiveness, our special projects team has you covered.

Whatever your special training project — an online help system for your new product; training your staff on a new software package; providing online tutorials to guide your customers through an upgrade of your product — we will create a training package that meets your learners’ needs.

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We believe training should align business goals and improve employee performance, and we've got the case studies to prove it! Check out our eLearning clients' top success stories and get ready to be inspired.

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SmarterU has given our sales training effort a real boost in productivity. It has allowed us to standardize more of our training and onboarding across the entire sales force and automated many things we previously had to do manually and by many different folks. We continue to find new ways to utilize this excellent platform due to its flexibility and ease of use! Thank you SmarterU!

John G.