Graphic & eLearning Design

Great content is just the start! Our team starts with evidence-based instructional design and a learner-friendly user interface. We wrap it in an enticing package with expert visual and graphic design. We’ll even add animations, infographics, charts — any and all media assets required to meet learners’ needs and drive outstanding training outcomes. 

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Are you part of a small training department with oversized training challenges?

In many organizations, the enormous job of training employees rests on one person’s shoulders. Or there’s a small training department that’s expected to cover everything from strategic planning to voice-overs. Help is on the way!

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Your small training department might excel at creating text-based content or eLearning modules, but lack a design or graphics genius.

Or you can record basic videos, but animations elude you. There’s no need to hire another person! We can fill in those gaps and prepare the missing pieces of your training library.

Your top-notch training team usually handles everything the organization throws at it. But you’re facing new requirements for training, annual certification renewals, software upgrades, and more — all at once! What gets done first, what gets dropped? 

Those aren’t the only options. Call in reinforcements! Our team will handle the overflow and ensure that all of your training needs are met. On time and within your budget. Partner with us and say good-bye to the training backlog.

Ready to discover how our training solutions help organizations like yours with eLearning design? Check out our course samples!

Graphic eLearning design

Let us solve your training pain with a learning management system that will integrate your online training. Its built-in course builder simplifies content creation.

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Training support assets

Great content is just the beginning. We’ll add graphics, animation, video, and other assets to make your online training sparkle.

Including videos in your course may be the finishing touch that sets it apart. We're here to help with all aspects of professional video production services; from script to final rendering. We can even create animations using photographs, illustrations, or chart models to create an illusion of movement. Light up your training with animated diagrams or interactive games. We can even take your online training offline, supporting a learner-awareness campaign with stickers, posters, and other assets that will get the word out about your new online training initiatives.

eLearning websites

Our origins in website design equip us to design impactful websites to present your eLearning content to off-site workers, contractors, suppliers — anyone who needs access to training but cannot access your LMS. We’ll prepare a website with links to videos, elearning  modules, and more. You will  have full control over who can access it and how — it can even serve as a portal to your LMS for remote or external learners.

The instructional designers, graphic designers, and SEO experts on our team will pool their talents to create a website that stands out from the competition. Get noticed and ensure that your eLearning makes an impact.

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We believe training should be engaging, and our eLearning course samples demonstrate our ability to captivate your learners! Check out our eLearning course samples from select clients and immerse yourself in the possibilities.

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Jen and her team at OttoLearn have been great to work with. Fast, friendly, and efficient in all the training pieces that they create for us

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