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Let the training development professionals at Flare Learning illuminate your online training!  Our team will weave your training content into a story that entices your learners and improves training outcomes.

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Let us turn online training into a magical learning experience for your learners!

Light up your online training with content that increases productivity and effects change.

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Our team supports you through every step of your project, pursuing your goals and keeping you in control of outcomes — all on your budget and timeline. 

Let us create and maintain your eLearning, microlearning, or other online training content.

Or use the tools built into our LMS and microlearning platforms to easily and quickly update your own content!

Our team has it covered.

We’ll design engaging content and put it through rigorous quality assurance and testing. We’ll add graphics, animation, or video to make it sparkle. And we’ll manage your training development project from start to finish!

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Instructional design

Engage learners with content that makes learning magical.

Fact-dense content can overwhelm learners. Too many text-filled screens or slides can too. Our instructional design and content creation pros dig into all that info to find the stories. They add sparkle with interactivities that challenge learners and hold their attention. Pulling from broad and deep experience, the instructional design team will strike the right balance of multimedia content, activities, and knowledge checks to ensure learners engage, learn, master, and remember.

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Curriculum design

Our instructional designers turn your expertise into an engaging online training curriculum.

Instructional designers understand how adults learn and use principles of cognitive science to enhance learning and retention. Our team will draw out the key concepts, processes, and ideas that your experts know intimately. They will apply their own expertise to identifying the best formats and media to teach the material. They will design comprehensive interactive learning materials that support deep learning and retention — and provide assessment tools to measure your learners’ progress.

Interviewing SMEs

We will engage your subject-matter experts and uncover the stories they have to tell about your products and services.

Deep experience and carefully honed interviewing skills equip our team to extract nuggets of essential corporate wisdom and institutional knowledge from your SMEs. We’re always respectful of their time and ensure that our interviews are efficient and productive.

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A storyboard is a simple drawing that provides a black-and-gray, visual representation of your eLearning course or other training.

It’s also a magical way to ensure that all stakeholders understand how your online training is developing. Our storyboards include course content, flow, interactivity, and instructions for design elements. If there’s narration, the storyboard will capture the script as well. The storyboard should show where and how you will assess learning, as well as where feedback and questions for learners will appear. 

Developing eLearning or microlearning modules

Whatever form your online training takes, our team will make it shine.

Are LMS modules your primary approach to training delivery? With a top-notch team of design and development experts, and broad experience, we’re the right choice to build your eLearning modules. If you need video, audio, animations, online help — you name it, we can build it into your training.

Whether you need robust elearning modules or focused microlearning modules, our team of experts can help.

eLearning course sample screenshot showing a mobile-sized slide with two buttons and some text. Client: SellerCloud.eLearning course sample screenshot showing a desktop-sized slide with two buttons and some text. Client: SellerCloud.

Knowledge base, performance support

Support stellar performance with the right tools and information.

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Not all knowledge gaps need to be filled with training! Providing performance support tools for self-directed learning and problem-solving will boost performance and efficiency. 

Let our team build a knowledge base to answer frequently asked questions and provide online help, training videos, diagrams — the collateral and resources that will empower your learners and users to problem-solve. Supporting their self-directed learning with an easy-to-access, searchable knowledge base will lighten the load on your team while boosting learner or customer satisfaction and performance.

Offer additional performance support with on-demand access to information in a microlearning format or a curated library of content on your LMS.

Accessible eLearning

The best training content in the world won’t be effective if learners can’t use it!

We take training accessibility seriously. Our in-house expert reviews all of our training content. We look deeper than WCAG compliance and ensure that all learners can use and understand your eLearning and other online training content. 

It’s not enough to “deal with it” if an employee with a disability asks for modifications to training content or tools. Accessibility must be designed in from day one. We pay attention to details from color contrast to alt text, transcripts to plain language, to remove barriers and ensure a great learner experience — for all learners.

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Simulations & scenario-based training

Prepare learners to take on tough workplace scenarios with realistic practice.

Simulations provide opportunities for thinking and problem-solving while practicing. Learners can choose multiple responses to analyze the outcomes of each choice. Offering practice that mimics situations learners could encounter on the job empowers them to confidently address those situations in their work. It also provides a safe way to make and learn from mistakes.

Multilingual translation

Your global organization serves a diverse learner population. Speak to them in their own language to improve training outcomes.

We’ll arrange for high-quality translation and localization of your training content so that you can deliver a great learner experience to all of your learners, wherever they are.

eLearning course sample screenshot showing a mobile-sized slide with images and text translated into Spanish. Client: California Closets.eLearning course sample screenshot showing a desktop-sized slide with images and text translated into Spanish. Client: California Closets.
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Give your online training a unique voice with professional narration.

We’ll find the perfect professional voice actors to bring your training content to life. Our creative team ensures the narration flows with the content and supports your learners and your online training goals.

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