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Each eLearning course or unit of online training is part of a much bigger picture. Let us help you create a visionary strategy and implement an integrated eLearning ecosystem.

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Audit your existing eLearning ecosystem — and take it to the next level.

Pull together mobile, virtual, and instructor-led training, boost engagement, and show real ROI with a solid online training strategy and guided implementation.

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Onboarding, compliance training, upskilling, certifications — these are just some of the moving parts in your knowledge and talent management universe.

You also have an immense store of institutional knowledge, locked away in the memories of your top employees. Let us do a comprehensive audit of your knowledge assets and guide you in building and implementing a comprehensive, accessible plan to capture, store, and share the information that makes your organization run, thrive, and innovate.

With our eLearning ecosystem solutions, you won’t have to!

Our strategy and implementation experts will ensure that your entire knowledge and talent management infrastructure is integrated, that records are synced across all systems, and that you have the online training you need, when you need it. All with SSO — single-sign-on — for an improved experience for both learners and administrators!  

Small L&D departments might feel like they’re always putting out fires, with no time to step back and plan a more measured approach. 

We have the distance to look at your training and help you plan a training strategy for the long term — and the expertise to identify your most critical needs and help you prioritize training planning.

In many organizations, planning and implementing training falls to one person — sometimes a person who has another demanding role!

That doesn’t leave much room for planning or analyzing training. Let us help. We’ll audit the training you have, analyze your training needs, and help you plan and prioritize training projects. We can even recommend third-party solutions for some training needs, further reducing the demands on your training department.

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Training audits

What online training assets do you have and what do you need? What should be created and what existing content libraries can be mined? What format should your eLearning take? We will help you answer these questions and more!

We’ll review all of your knowledge assets — eLearning, documents, curate resources, knowledge base, everything. We’ll talk with your SMEs as well. We’ll also talk with stakeholders about what training is needed — we can help you identify existing knowledge gaps and predict skills your employees will need in the near term. We will then tailor a plan to your learners, your needs, and your business goals — for training, retention, knowledge sharing, and tracking of certifications, professional skills, and more.

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Engagement strategy

Today’s learners want to drive. They want on-demand, mobile-first content. And they want to learn with — and from — their peers and colleagues. We’ll plan a training strategy that will engage and motivate these learners — and drive training outcomes to new heights.

Learner engagement is all about learner experience. Your targeted engagement strategy will focus on making training relevant, efficient, and memorable. We’ll build what you need — microlearning, videos, animations, social and collaborative learning, or eLearning courses — to engage learners and eliminate knowledge gaps.

Mobile training strategy

Digital learning means mobile. Engaged learners? On their mobile devices. Microlearning? Mobile-first.

Your success depends on your mobile strategy. Wherever you are — whether your training is primarily designed for face-to-face delivery or you’ve already adopted a plethora of online training options — we will help you refine your mobile strategy and improve your results.

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Technology selection advisory

Mystified by the array of talent development and talent management software products on the market?

We’ll cut through the confusion and create a plan to integrate your entire knowledge and talent management ecosystem. Your training, tracking, and recordkeeping will be in sync and learners will never miss a deadline again.

Training ROI analysis

If you are struggling to show the value of your training, our ROI analysis can help.

We’ll examine your training, understand your business goals — and plan a strategy of measurable metrics to track to determine the ROI of your training

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You get what you measure. But many learning and development teams are measuring the wrong analytics.

Our strategy experts will teach you to identify the metrics that matter for your business goals. Tracking the right metrics and correlating them to business goals can show you what training is working, what is not, and where you might need additional online training. And we can help you with that too!

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As we continued to grow in both size of our company and effective usage of SmarterU, we needed to rely on assistance from the SmarterU team. This is when we realized we were not just a customer, but instead, a partner. Over time, we expanded our relationship with SmarterU and have signed up for more services within the Neovation suite of products.

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