SmarterU LMS is #19 on the Craig Weiss Group 2023 Top 20 Learning Systems

Susan Hurrell
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Neovation is thrilled to announce that their Learning Management System, SmarterU LMS, has been listed on one of the most prestigious industry lists as one of the “Top 20 Learning Systems for 2023.”

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Craig Weiss is a veteran eLearning industry consultant and is considered a powerhouse voice in the training and development space.  He has a sterling reputation for being a straight-shooter with a dash of wit. In addition to his many projects, Craig publishes an annual list based on his company’s research criteria and methodology. He reviews 1,000 learning systems worldwide and narrows that down to his Top 20.

To be considered as a candidate for inclusion,  LMS companies complete a highly detailed spreadsheet of questions to ensure Craig can make accurate comparisons.  There is no charge to apply, nor does the  LMS company have to be a paying client or advertiser. Craig bases his judgment on years of personal experience, research, and industry expertise. 

SmarterU LMS is proud to be listed as #19. Craig had this to say about SmarterU:

It continues to get better every year. UI/UX is great. I love the ease of use and navigation. Administration and Manager scored 100% (with my template). 

And he ended with:

A vendor to watch in 2023.

Thanks, Craig! We’ll work harder to do better next year!

About Craig Weiss

Craig Weiss is the CEO and lead analyst for The Craig Weiss Group, which provides analyst, advisory, M&A, and consulting services to buyers, PEs, investment firms, and vendors. His newest product is the Learning Library, a one-stop resource with eBooks and other materials. Craig has been identified as one of the most influential people in the world for e-learning and the most influential person in the world for learning systems. Craig writes the Craig Weiss blog, which is read weekly in 174 countries, territories, and colonial territories. Since he launched the blog in late 2009, his forecasts and projections on e-learning have been over 90% accurate. Craig’s experience in the corporate world as a training director/manager overseeing divisions and departments, including developing and implementing e-learning programs and finding and selecting learning systems, makes him uniquely qualified in the analyst and consulting industry. He has worked in multiple verticals, including healthcare, non-profit, association, retail and hospitality, aerospace/defense, financial services, and technology. Additionally, Craig has written for numerous publications and regularly speaks at conferences and events worldwide. He resides in Southern Arizona with his dogs, Voodoo, Spirit, and Cali.


SmarterU LMS has been helping companies train their teams since 2009 and has continually evolved to provide our clients with the features and functionality that matter most to them. Our global client base ranges from small franchises to government agencies, from manufacturing to front-line training. SmarterU is a product of Neovation Learning Solutions, a one-stop shop for all your online training needs.

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Woman smiling slightly with brown, chin-length hair and glasses.
Susan Hurrell

With 15+ years of online marketing and online learning experience, Susan loves to share insights about where these two ROI-building practices can intersect and complement each other for your business or organization.