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The story behind the Hypnobabies interactive courses

With a focus on creating a positive birth experience, Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis empowers parents to trust their bodies and let go of fear and anxiety during labor and delivery by providing expectant parents with the tools and training to have a calm and comfortable birth experience. They offer a comprehensive childbirth hypnosis program that combines self-hypnosis techniques, visualizations, and guided meditations to help prepare for a more relaxed and confident birth.

In this program, expectant parents will receive powerful tools to create a calm atmosphere and feel fully equipped to welcome their bundle of joy comfortably. The 6-class course is designed so parents can work through the materials at their own speed and on their schedule. Through this unique approach, learners enjoy detailed instruction with audio recordings and abundant supportive materials, including hypnosis scripts, affirmations, and more. It's genuinely a fantastic way to guide expectant parents through the process of using hypnosis for childbirth as they welcome their baby into the world.

Key takeaways from Hypnobabies eLearning modules

The course features interactive content to help engage expecting parents. Interactivities include click-to-review activities, interactive images, drag & drop activities, and matching activities. In addition to the interactivity, the course is populated with photography, custom illustrations, and background music suitable for the audience. The entire course is packaged with a simple-to-use, highly intuitive navigation, and layout that helps the Hypnobabies course feel familiar quickly. Customers can purchase the course, self-direct their learning at the pace they desire, while gaining all the benefits of the Hypnobabies program from the comfort of their home.

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Project Goals

Hypnobabies wanted to make the transition from paper-based course material to online learning. As part of their project goals, they wanted the new online courses to be scalable and let their customers, primarily expecting parents, move through the courses at their own pace. Since transitioning from paper-based to online learning – a large portion of their customer base can purchase courses directly from the Hypnobabies website.

Unique Challenges

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