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The story behind the MaidPro's custom eLearning course

With 170 locations across US and Canada, the MaidPro franchise needed training that would unify their brand, create continuity across their partners, and resolve some of the pain points that traditional training via PowerPoint files, binders, and a training video don’t.

The MaidPro “University” is a 30-minute eLearning course that features full narration provided by a voiceover actor, basic animations, demonstration videos, diagrams, and plenty of images that help hold the learner audience’s attention. The training material establishes connections between the concepts by providing practical examples, how-to demonstrations, and reinforcement of the MaidPro brand. Knowledge checks, drag-and-drop activities, and an automatically graded final quiz help increase learner confidence and gauge the online course’s effectiveness in achieving its learning objectives.

Key takeaways from the MaidPro online training course

The franchise operations within the organization required training, however, the existing training was an outdated collection of PowerPoint files, binders, and a 1-hour training video.

The initial engagement was a small 13-slide course, as the client needed to prove the concept, ensuring that their franchise partners would adopt and use the new form of training.

Flare Learning took command of the project and taking a collaborative approach with the client, created an inspiration, exciting, engaging presentation-style series of eLearning.

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Project Goals

  • Professionalize everything and move it into the 21st century
  • Improve the course, user experience, and admin/back-end
  • Ease of use for users and admin
  • Robust functionality and back-end for reporting and compliance management
  • Integration with their in-house system ( CRM)

Unique Challenges

  • There was the potential training adoption issue – many franchises “do it their way” and so creating training that all partners were willing to adopt can be a challenge

The Final Result

Upon completing the initial mini-eLearning course, the client was so pleased with the effort they showed it off at a convention. The “show n’ tell” at the convention was a roaring success. The client commissioned Flare Learning to create a 30-minute custom eLearning course incorporating learning exercises, engaging visual content, knowledge checks, and other activities. Every component of this highly branded experience is engaging and inspiring, thanks to voiceover actor narration. Finally – it tests their learners understanding through an automated multiple-choice quiz for quick feedback on how well they’ve grasped each topic.

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