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Upskilling & Reskilling

Skills quickly become obsolete. Job roles change and workers face new demands. Empower your workers with a continuous upskilling and reskilling program.

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Anticipate and close knowledge gaps and prepare for changes that result from automation, new regulations, or changing business needs.

Reskilling enables workers to adapt to changes in their job roles; upskilling adds new skills to enable them to take on new challenges or new roles. Both boost employee performance.

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Reskill employees so they continue to excel as their job roles change.

Automation might require them to master new skills, take on additional challenges, or approach familiar tasks in new ways. A continuous learning — everboarding — approach reinforces their reskilling efforts and improves their job readiness.

Workers who feel there’s no path to move up or over into new roles or take on challenging new assignments could look for new jobs.

Hold on to high performers with an upskilling program. Promising employees are constantly challenged and become more skilled. And your organization has a pool of highly  skilled workers ready to face challenges and fill skills and knowledge gaps.

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Custom training course design

With gig working becoming commonplace a large part of your workforce may be casually employed. Alternatively, retain your top talent by giving them the tools to reskill for changing roles, new positions, and responsibilities, or promotions. Give them reasons to stay with opportunities through upskilling and reskilling.

Our skilled eLearning content teams will create training that works for all of your learners, from the newest hires to the seasoned experts. We’ll engage them with activities that challenge them and stretch their skills, teach them with relevant, focused content, and build long-term retention with an adaptive, continuous learning approach. As a full-service online training company, we can meet your learners’ needs and fuel your business success.

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Training content libraries

Not all great training is custom-designed! Outstanding course libraries exist on topics ranging from software skills to leadership to compliance.

While our experts get to work on custom training content for your proprietary topics, you can explore our vase content libraries to select the best content on common training topics: 

Power skills like conflict resolution, negotiating, or improving team communication
Mastering common software packages, like MS Office and Google Apps 
HR compliance, hiring and recruiting, and preventing discrimination
IT skills, such as cybersecurity, data storage and management, or training for professional certifications
Marketing, SEO, and sales skills
Much more!

We can create a complete online training solution that saves you time and money by including vetted content on the business topics your learners need.

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