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Hidden Gems:

Managed Admin Services

Did you know that almost 90% of voluntary employee churn happens because team members are hungry for more training?

Today’s savvy employers use eLearning content libraries, providing a buffet of online learning options that can be served to their hungry teams almost immediately.

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Join Mansel Belyea at 11 AM CST on Wednesday, June 28, 2023 as he helps you uncover:

What an eLearning content library is

When to choose an eLearning library content versus building a custom course

The major providers, what content they offer, and learn about their pricing models

The advantages and disadvantages of eLearning content libraries

How eLearning content libraries are deployed in your LMS

And much more!
Learn how libraries of thousands of pre-made courses can be your best defense against employee churn — and boost engagement with your training program.
Hidden Gems Webinar:

eLearning Content Libraries

Join Mansel at 11 AM CST on Wednesday, June 28, 2023!

In this fast-paced, information-filled, one-hour webinar, Mansel Belyea will dish out everything you need to know about eLearning content libraries, so you can engage your employees with training courses quickly and affordably.

You can maximize your LMS investment if you are waiting for custom content to be created with an eLearning content library. We’ll show you how to identify, evaluate, and select a library that meets your needs.

Our goal? To help you create great training opportunities for your team, to reduce churn and improve their skills.

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Neovation Webinars: Powered by Knowledge

Hosted by various members of our team, our one-hour webinars explore topics of interest to the L&D community.

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Meet this months webinar host!
Happy woman with short brown hair and a purple shirt under a black sweater
Our Knowledgeable Neovite
Alli Chernoff
Leader, Admin Services Group, Client Success Team

Always up for a challenge, Alli helps to leverage our systems’ strengths to meet and exceed our clients’ training goals. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a positive attitude, she loves to guide and coach clients through their training challenges from planning to reporting and all of the bits in between.

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About Neovation Learning Solutions

Neovation is an award-winning eLearning company, obsessed with unleashing human potential and increasing organizational intelligence.
  • We have hundreds of clients around the world 
  • We provide hundreds of thousands of our clients' learners with engaging training through our LMS platform (SmarterU LMS), microlearning platform (OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning), and custom course designs (Custom Learning).
  • We have one of the most responsive Success Desks for client support in the eLearning industry.
  • We want to be your ongoing partner to deliver additional value to every aspect of your online training ecosystem!

We want to be your partner in online training.  Email us at for more information.

Designed to let you learn as you lunch!

We make it easy for even the busiest of schedules to learn ways to get the most from their training investment. Bring your lunch and spend an hour with us; we promise it'll be worth your time.
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Are you seeking more involved assistance and workflow collaboration for your specific learning system use cases? Do you want to set up in-depth reports or detailed dashboards within SmarterU LMS? Are you looking for tips to set up workflows that require less time and effort on your training administrators but yield the same results?

If you’re looking for any of those solutions or more, you can get that from Neovation’s Managed Services team – who have a deep desire to create meaningful partnerships with those looking for help, either in the short-term or as a long-term solution. We are a team of experts in SmarterU LMS and are passionate about finding the best way to make the learning system work for you.

Let our team be your personal LMS coaches or do the heavy lifting in your learning system with the following:

  • Learning plan creation, roll-out, maintenance, and reporting
  • Accept and confirm actions, such as certification programs
  • Monthly targeted enrollments and scheduled reporting
  • Creating and finalizing instructor-led training (ILT) sessions
  • Entering historical data of your in-person training sessions
  • Creating and managing knowledge bases that meet your learners’ needs
  • Online course implementation using branded course templates or transferring PPTX files to editable slides
  • Custom reporting, including manipulating reports outside of SmarterU LMS
  • Quarterly reports of admin services usage, SmarterU engagement, and goal progression
  • Revamping learner dashboards to increase engagement and intuitiveness

Alli, Leader of our Admin Services Group, team members Jules, Alejandra, and webinar host Mansel explain all in this edition of our Hidden Gems webinar series!

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