OttoLearn wins Gold at 2021 LearnX Live Awards

Neovation Learning Solutions’ award-winning gamified microlearning platform, OttoLearn was selected as a Gold Award winner by LearnX Live for Best Use of Technology in Learning.   This award focuses on a smart technology used to accelerate / advance individual and/or enterprise learning.

OttoLearn wins Gold at 2021 LearnX Live Awards

“It’s an honor to have our gamified microlearning platform, OttoLearn, recognized as a smart technology platform at the Gold level by LearnX,”  says Dan Belhassen, Founder and CEO of Neovation.

Neovation’s goal in building OttoLearn was to develop a microlearning platform that could redefine training outcomes by increasing knowledge retention and improving employee performance.

About LearnX Live Awards

The LearnX Live! Awards is an annual international awards program that recognizes multiple fields within learning, development, and talent management across the corporate, education, and public-service sectors worldwide. Each year, the Awards uncover incredible projects and solutions that deliver business value.

About Neovation's Gamified Microlearning Platform, OttoLearn

Neovation’s OttoLearn Gamified Microlearning platform delivers daily, bite-sized online training to thousands of learners in several industry sectors, from HealthCare to Quick-Serve food franchising.  With a robust analytics suite, easy course creation, and being powered by best practices in gamified learning, OttoLearn helps companies move the needle on KPIs that matter.

  • Runs polls
  • Shares slides and the whiteboard
  • Watches the chat box for questions
  • Watches for learners using the “raised hand” icon to signal a question or problem
  • Monitors for technology glitches — remaining alert for any learners reporting problems on their end.
Poor Use with
Adult Learners
Effective with
Adult Learners


Simple games layered on top of content

Scenario-based games that use the content

Leaderboards, competition

Fan excessive competition among employees or teams by offering large prizes for top performers and/or shaming those with lower scores

Challenge employees to beat their own past performance, or design a leaderboard that shows each employee only the four scorers above and below them

Points, rewards, badges

Award points or levels for completing sections of training or playing for a set number of minutes

Award levels, badges or points for recalling or applying content correctly, demonstrating mastery

  • Remember — bookmark, google, link, search
  • Understand — annotate, Boolean search, journal, tweet
  • Apply — chart, display, execute, present, upload
  • Analyze — attribute, deconstruct, illustrate, mash, mind map
  • Evaluate — comment, editorialize, moderate, network, post
  • Create — blog, film, integrate, podcast, program, publish